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Nessus Manager [Upgrade]

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Commercial - Subscription Licence Upgrade (On Premise) (256 Agents - 1 Additional Scanner) (Daily Subscription) (256) Hosts - Electronic Windows/Linux/Mac OSX   £3.67   Email   Add to Basket
Commercial - Subscription Licence Upgrade (On Premise) (512 Agents - 2 Additional Scanners) (Daily Subscription) (512) Hosts - Electronic Windows/Linux/Mac OSX   £5.86   Email   Add to Basket

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Nessus Cloud combines the detection, scanning and auditing features of Nessus with multi-user support for enterprise teams. Combine comprehensive vulnerability management with the ease of the cloud. Add multi-user support, system integrations and PCI ASV scanning to Nessus in an easy-to-deploy cloud-hosted package. Nessus Cloud is also a PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) solution.

Nessus Manager combines the powerful detection, scanning, and auditing features of Nessus extensive vulnerability management and collaboration functions.

With Nessus Professional, you can run vulnerability assessments for your organization or as part of a consulting practice. Identify the vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware that attackers could use to penetrate your network.

Nessus Cloud Features

External Network Vulnerability Scanning: See an attacker's view of your public network. Use Nessus Cloud to scan Internet-facing IP addresses for network and web application vulnerabilities

Web Application Assessment: Scan for web server vulnerabilities, known and unknown web application vulnerabilities, and even configuration auditing of your web application platform.

PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV): Use Nessus Cloud to provide quarterly external network vulnerability scans to satisfy PCI DSS requirements. Tenable’s Nessus Cloud is a PCI-certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) solution.

Resource Sharing: Control access to multiple scanners, schedules, policies, and results. Resources are available for sharing among users and groups responsible for security and regulatory or compliance drivers.

Multiple Scanning Modes: Nessus Cloud offers both agent-less and agent-based scanning, enabling organizations to easily increase their scan coverage.

Constant Coverage: Stay protected against new vulnerabilities with the Nessus plugin feed that is constantly updated by the Tenable research team.

Nessus Manager Features

Share Scan Resources: Share resources including scanners, schedules, policies, and results to reduce the time and cost of security scanning and compliance auditing.

Continually Updated with Information: Advanced threats, zero-day vulnerabilities and new types of regulatory compliance configurations.

Agent-less or Agent-based Scanning: Multiple scanning modes allow organizations to scan more assets, more frequently to reduce their attack surface.

More Supported Technologies Than Any Other Vendor: Operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases, tablets, phones, web servers and critical infrastructure.

Tight Integration and API Extensibility: SIEMs, malware defenses, patch management tools, BYOD, firewalls and virtualized systems.

Dashboards & Reports: Extensive interface for viewing scan results and generating reports as well a dashboards to quickly view vulnerability counts and more.

Nessus Professional Features

Broad Asset Coverage: Nessus supports the widest range of network devices, operating systems, databases, applications in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Multiple Scanning Options: Nessus supports non-credentialed, remote scans; credentialed, local scans for deeper, granular analysis of assets; and offline auditing on a network device’s configuration.

Configuration & Compliance: More than 450 templates are available for compliance (e.g., FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC, PCI, more) and configuration (e.g., CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGs) auditing.

Threat Detection: Nessus scans for viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes as well as web services linking to malicious content.

Report & Take Action: Report what matters to responsible parties with exploitability, severity modification, scan scheduling and deliver remediation reports via targeted emails.

Constant Coverage: Stay protected against new vulnerabilities with the Nessus plugin feed that is constantly updated by the Tenable research team.
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