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Team Developer

Published By:  Gupta Technologies

Speed the Building and Deployment of Microsoft .NET Applications

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Team Developer 6.0 delivers breakthrough speed and efficiencies in development productivity and performance, deployment to the Microsoft .NET framework, and building hosted applications in the cloud. Developers can now build .NET business applications quicker than ever before.

With a one click change to the build target from Desktop to .NET, you will be able to leverage your existing investments in Team Developer code on the .NET platform. For .NET targets, you have multiple options for deployment. The .NET version of TD 6.0 features Microsoft¿s new Windows® Presentation Foundation WPF technology, which allows you to separate the user interface from the application, and generates XAML files, giving Team Developer WPF apps rich, modern GUI capabilities that can be deployed to Windows Desktop or as Browser apps.

The combination of Team Developer 6.0¿s front end productivity and ability to target multiple platforms by simply recompiling the application enables .NET applications to be delivered at the speed required by the business.
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