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Enterprise Architect [Ultimate Edition]

Published By:  Sparx Systems

Product Variants

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Sparx Enterprise Architect is a collaborative modeling, design and management platform based on UML and related standards. It is an enterprise wide solution for visualising, analysing, modeling, testing and maintaining a wide range of systems, software, processes and architectures. Team based, with a proven track record and over 250,000 users worldwide; Enterprise Architect is the scalable, standards compliant toolset that is perfect for your next project.

Professional Edition
The default entry level edition of Enterprise Architect

  • choud support, floating licences
  • Memory profiler, mono debugger and metrics
  • Code generation and import cabilities
  • Lots of patterms and perspectives
  • Meta-models and more

Corporate Edition
For larger teams that need fine-grained control in shared modelling environments
  • Everything in the Professional Edition plus...
  • SysML and DMN Modelling
  • Ability to install the Data Bridge for Pro Cloud Server

Unified Edition
This replaces the Business and Systems Editions - it provides better modelling, simulation and framework capabilities
  • Everything in the Corporate Edition plus...
  • SysML Parametrics, HDL, ADA
  • DDS, Linux satellite service
  • Math Support in script library
  • BPSim Model Configuration, BPSim Execution Engine
  • BPEL, UAF, UPDM, Visual Studio Integration
  • DMN Execution and code generation
  • Execution state Machine, Modelica simulation

Ultimate Edition
The most cost effective solution for the power user
  • Everything in the Unified Edition plus...
  • Data Bridge for Enterprise Architect
  • MDG Integration for Office
  • DOORS links
  • Row Level Security Configuration Interface

Please note: Sparx Systems has retired the Desktop Edition.
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