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Server Protection

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Server Protection

Published By:  Sophos

Protect your servers from malware without sacrificing server performance

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Sophos Server Protection protects Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX systems from the latest threats. It minimises resource use for optimal server performance and lets you manage all your systems from one easy-to-use console. One license includes agentless antivirus for vShield and the full antivirus client for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac. Manage them all through the easy-to-use Sophos Enterprise Console. It¿s server security made simple, only from Sophos.

High security, low impact

How do Sophos deliver great protection without compromising performance? It starts with innovative features like pre-execution emulation for identifying suspicious behavioral patterns, and in-engine caching, preventing needless rescanning of files between updates. Frequent, lightweight definition updates keep your protection current without causing network congestion. And Live Protection looks up unknown and suspicious files in real time, keeping your servers secure, even between updates.

Optimised for virtual environments

Sophos have optimised the Windows antivirus client to take advantage of the unique characteristics of virtual platforms, like memory sharing and gold image deployment. The Virtualisation Scan Controller lets you stagger scan times, minimising resource conflicts. And Antivirus for vShield makes it simple to integrate agentless antivirus protection into your VMware environment. It reduces resource use, eliminates scan and update storms and protects Windows virtual machines as soon as they come online.

One server, one licence, any platform

Simply purchase one license for each physical or virtual machine running a server operating system. Install the endpoint client for Windows, Linux, Mac or UNIX, or protect your servers using the agentless Antivirus for vShield. Migrate between them without spending time or money navigating complex, inflexible licenses.

Easy-to-use central console

Sophos Enterprise Console is easy to use, so you¿ll spend less time learning and more time doing. Manage all of your servers, workstations and vShield virtual security appliances from one consistent interface. Role-based administration lets you offload daily tasks, while instant reports put the information you need right at your fingertips.

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