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Encrypt and secure your company's data

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Protect your confidential information and ensure regulatory compliance with a range of encryption products that deliver policy-based security across mixed environments and operate transparently to your users.

SafeGuard Easy protects confidential data on laptop and desktop PCs with full-disk encryption for internal and external hard disks - easily and transparently. If a PC is lost or stolen, the data is unreadable - even if the hard disk is removed - and you are protected and compliant with data security regulations.

SafeGuard Enterprise is a modular information protection control solution that enforces policy-based encryption for PCs and mobile devices across mixed environments. It is fully transparent to end users and is easy to administer from a single central console. SafeGuard Enterprise provides multi-layered endpoint data security by combining encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP). Its modular architecture provides comprehensive data security tailored to your organisation's needs and growth requirements.

SafeGuard Enterprise Product Modules

Management Center - effective security and regulation compliance requires centralised management to configure and consistently implement policies, especially in mixed IT environments.
Device Encryption - lost or stolen laptops and desktop PCs are a major cause of data breaches.
Data Exchange - protect your valuable confidential information stored on USB media, external hard disks, memory cards and rewritable CDs/DVDs against theft or loss with SafeGuard Data Exchange.
Encryption for Cloud Storage - when users want to save their files to cloud storage services, you know they¿re secured. And they¿ll be able to access them from anywhere, as well as with their Android or iOS device.
Encryption for File Shares - even inside your business it¿s important to make sure that the right people have access to the right data. Encrypt network files and folders and set policies for user access.
Configuration Protection - SafeGuard Configuration Protection, a module of the SafeGuard Enterprise data security solution, stops data loss through endpoints, ports and removable media.
Partner Connect - SafeGuard Partner Connect, a module of SafeGuard Enterprise, is a centralised solution for managing data security in mixed IT environments.

SafeGuard LAN Crypt uses fully automated file encryption to effectively protect confidential files. SafeGuard LAN Crypt does not force users to change the way they work: The encryption process is transparent and runs invisibly in the background. This means that each user is assigned a unique 'key group' based on his or her profile. Using this key group, the user can read released files in plain text. If those files were accessed by an unauthorised person, he or she would only see an enciphered, unreadable string of characters.

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