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Endpoint Protection

Published By:  Sophos

Complete antivirus and email security, with optional encryption, web filtering and patch assessment

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Sophos Endpoint Protection (formerly Sophos Endpoint Security) stops malware and protects your computers with a single console and agent. Sophos Endpoint Protection includes anti-virus, web security, data protection, device control, Exchange protection, simplified security management and much more (note: not all functionality available in all editions). It is available in three editions to fit your requirements and budget: Sophos Endpoint Protection Basic, Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced and Sophos Endpoint Protection Enterprise.


Antivirus protection for all your machines.

  • Protection for Windows - the antivirus protection delivers more effective, faster protection across your Windows network with a single endpoint agent that includes antivirus, web protection, application control, device control, data control, and client firewall in one.
  • Protection for Linux - works with the widest range of distributions. It'll scan all your Linux computers and do it quickly and reliably.
  • Protection for Mac OS X - designed to work with Intel and PowerPC Mac computers. It'll help you find Mac and non-Mac viruses.
  • Protection for UNIX - antivirus for UNIX is part of Sophos Endpoint Protection. It finds spyware and viruses on all your UNIX computers.


The Enterprise Console makes managing your Sophos security easy. You'll know what's happening on your network and you'll have control over it.

  • One management console has all your tools and takes care of Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.
  • Helps you fix problems fast and clean up remote computers.
  • Get instant reports and schedule them to send automatically.
  • You'll get automatic alerts, and you can create and apply policies.
  • The role-based administration lets you offload some daily tasks.
  • Synch up with Active Directory and get rid of your old security products.
  • Get a look at guest computers before you let them onto your network.
  • The research teams at SophosLabs fine-tune protection and send you the newest threat updates.

Device control

Device control technology is built into Endpoint Protection. It helps you reduce the risk of data loss and malware infection by giving you control of removable devices like USB keys, drives and wireless networking devices. You can control device use with the client that scans for malware and controlled applications.

  • Find and block the unauthorized use of removable storage devices, optical media drives and wireless networking protocols (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared)
  • Set a block or allow policy for different groups of computers - for example, allow the use of encrypted USB keys for senior managers, and block use for everyone else
  • Monitor, manage and report on device usage in the console alongside virus, firewall and application control alerts
  • It¿s all integrated into Endpoint 10, no separate deployment, agent, or console required.

Application control

Control thousands of applications that can cause security or legal problems, like P2P or instant messaging. And you'll get a handle on the unwanted applications that clog your network. Application control is built into Endpoint Protection so you can monitor and control what your employees are installing without interfering with their work. Best of all, it's very simple. Just define the category or specific application you want to control and Sophos take care of the rest.

  • Sophos have built application control into the antivirus engine, so you don¿t have to deploy or manage a separate product.
  • They detect thousands of applications, in over 50 categories, and Sophos experts continuously make updates with new versions and new applications.
  • You simply set policies for the whole company or specific groups to block or allow particular applications.
  • Use application control to switch off peer-to-peer software, but allow remote users to use it. Or standardise on a single Internet browser.

Data control

A unique and simple approach to data loss prevention integrates the scanning for sensitive information into the antivirus engine on both the endpoint and email appliances. This makes it easier for you to configure, deploy and manage. And it means you won't need separate DLP solutions on the endpoint and mail gateway.

  • Reduce the impact on system performance with a single agent that scans for sensitive data as well as malware.
  • Prevent transfers of sensitive data to removable storage devices, applications such as browsers and instant messaging clients, or in email.
  • Centrally manage data control policies and deploy across your entire estate or to specific groups.
  • Implement data protection out of the box with pre-packaged data definitions, including bank account and social security numbers, supplied by and updated by SophosLabs.
  • Easily customise your content control lists and keep them consistent across your endpoints and email gateway.
  • Automatically allow or block file transfers at the endpoint¿or let your users authorise transfers through desktop prompts. Audit and review all end-user decisions in the management console.

Network access control

Network Access Control (NAC) checks computers accessing your network - even those not owned by the company - to ensure full compliance with your security policies. NAC makes sure computers, including roaming laptops, are running antivirus, firewalls, and other security applications, that OS service packs are up to date and that Windows Update is active.

  • Detect and fix managed endpoint vulnerabilities.
  • Make sure guest computers match your security requirements before they access your network.
  • Prevent unauthorised computers from accessing the network.
  • Get standard reporting of endpoint policy compliance.
  • Available from the Endpoint Protection management console.


The Client Firewall protects your entire enterprise. It blocks worms, stops hackers and prevents intrusion. Centrally managed and integrated into the single endpoint agent, it makes securing your Windows network and protecting your data simple and straightforward.

  • Proactively stop Internet worms exploiting operating system vulnerabilities, allowing only authorised applications to communicate on open ports.
  • The checksum technology prevents application hijacking and impersonation attacks.
  • Set and deploy location-aware security policies to keep mobile computers protected, whether in or out of the office.
  • Keep track of critical events centrally through Enterprise Console.
  • Create firewall policies quickly and easily using the configuration wizard with customisable settings.
  • Run in monitor mode to collect information about unknown traffic and then refine policies fast without impacting user productivity.
  • New in Endpoint - the firewall now works with location detection and leading third-party VPN clients.

Antivirus/anti-spam for Microsoft Exchange

Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange blocks spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. Scanning all inbound, outbound and internal email and Exchange message stores, it proactively protects against email-borne threats, and prevents confidential data being lost.

  • Effectively guard against viruses and other threats in inbound and outbound mail - and inside Microsoft Exchange message stores with unique real-time Behavioral Genotype malware engine
  • Eliminate over 99% of spam and protect against phishing attacks with Sender Genotype Technology and Live Anti-Spam real-time updates
  • Get instant visibility of the status of PureMessage servers, email throughput, quarantine databases and all policy rules from a single console
  • Generate configurable graphical management reports highlighting trends in email throughput, protection level and issues requiring remedial action
  • Benefit from flexible email quarantine management with a searchable central quarantine for administrators, and an intuitive web-based interface for end-user review
  • Reduce administrative overhead by integrating and synchronising Active Directory policies into PureMessage
  • Configure and enforce powerful content inspection rules to ensure policy compliance
  • Enjoy the trusted performance of solutions that scale as your business grows capable of processing hundreds of thousands of messages per day
  • Receive free, constant, automatic SophosLabs updates and upgrades for new releases, 24/7 in-house technical support with no hidden costs.

Antivirus for Microsoft SharePoint

Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint protects shared mission-critical business data by stopping malware and blocking the distribution of sensitive or inappropriate content.

  • Protect your business data from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, suspicious files, suspicious behavior, and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs)
  • Use the detection technologies to proactively uncover new threats before they begin to execute
  • Block the distribution of sensitive or inappropriate content, based on file names, types, or phrases and keywords within a file
  • Prevent data loss, guard against legal liability, and ensure productivity with sophisticated policies controlling everything from executables, media files and archives to source code, databases, contact lists and XML files.
  • Secure Microsoft SharePoint easily through a three-clicks-to-anywhere web-based management console, a real-time dashboard, point-and-click policy customisation, and efficient quarantine management
  • Get an immediate insight into threat activity, content filtering performance and quarantine status using rich, customisable reporting.


Optional add-ons included in Sophos Endpoint Protection Enterprise and available for purchase for Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced.

  • Web Filtering in Endpoint - set a smart surfing policy for the top 14 most inappropriate site categories right from within the console
  • Patch Assessment in Endpoint - patch assessment identifies, prioritises and scans for critical threat-related patches
  • Encryption in Endpoint - fast full-disk encryption for both PCs and Macs.

Endpoint Protection - Basic

  • Antivirus for Windows, Mac, Linux platforms
  • Includes firewall and antivirus/anti-spam for Microsoft Exchange
  • Supports management of up to 500 users
  • Supports device control only
  • This edition does not support any of the Endpoint Protection add-ons.

Endpoint Protection - Advanced

  • Antivirus for Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual machines
  • Includes firewall and antivirus/anti-spam for Microsoft Exchange
  • Supports device, application and data control
  • Features Network Access Control
  • Extend functionality with separately available add-ons (Encryption, Patch, Web).

Endpoint Protection - Enterprise

  • Antivirus for Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual machines
  • Includes firewall and antivirus/anti-spam for Microsoft Exchange
  • Includes antivirus for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Supports device, application and data control
  • Features Network Access Control
  • Add-ons are included in this edition (Encryption, Patch, Web).

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