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Chart FX for Reporting Services

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Chart FX for Reporting Services

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Unleash the potential of your SQL Reports with the industry's most advanced and respected charting technology

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Commercial - Perpetual Licence (1 Designer + 1 Server Licence) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows   £676.52   Email   Add to Basket
Commercial - Perpetual Licence Additional Licence (1) Designer - Electronic Windows   £376.93   Email   Add to Basket

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You're likely to have invested substantial time and energy into creating the perfect business report to display your company's data. Why should your reports suffer from rudimentary, unrefined charting tools? Don't compromise. Make a statement! Now your reports can leverage the industry's most advanced and respected data visualization technology - Chart FX for Reporting Services.

With over 20 different chart types (including radial, horizontal, vertical, digital meter and LED panel gauges), customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX for Reporting Services allows you to create visually appealing charts in literally minutes.

Like most Chart FX products, this version provides designers with many helpful tools such as the Smart Tag & Data Wizards, Quick Start movies, Properties Reference, Tutorials, Samples and a Programmer's Guide to assist in creating visually impressive charts and gauges with minimal time invested.

Ease of Use & Integration

  • Chart Wizard
  • Data Wizard
  • Property Grid
  • Resource Center
  • Comprehensive Support

Advanced Features
  • Multiple Gallery Types
  • Gauge Chart Types
  • 2D/3D Rendering
  • Per Series Attributes
  • Axis Sections
  • Multiple Axes
  • Logarithmic Axes
  • Smart DateTime Axes
  • Multiple Panes
  • Grid Lines
  • Conditional Attributes
  • Data Compacting
  • Artistic Borders
  • Background Images
  • Gradients
  • Color Palettes
  • Titles
  • Rich Text Titles
  • Point Labels
  • Collision Detection
  • Data Grid
  • Legends

Chart FX for Reporting Services design-time components are licensed on a per-developer basis. The license agreement permits you to use one (1) copy of these components on a single computer. If you need to install design-time components in more than one computer, you need to obtain an additional designer license per each computer.

Chart FX for Reporting Services server components are licensed on a per-server basis for deployment, regardless the number of processors (CPU's) in that server. The basic package includes one (1) License for deployment on a Production Server.
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