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Snap Results Edition

Published By:  Snap Surveys

Enables colleagues or clients to interrogate and analyze Snap generated surveys, without the need to purchase a full license of Snap.

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Over 70% of our customers are already doing online surveys. Online surveys are quick and easy to deploy. However, it is important to ensure that your surveys look professional. In Snap, you can include images, multimedia and a range of different visual questions (controls) such as slider bars and image maps to deliver engaging surveys that really can increase response rates. Robust analysis and reporting also enable you to get the most from your data.

¿Snap supports all languages. Questionnaires and reports are formatted automatically for languages read from right to left. We also have a translation service to help you.
¿Routing, randomization, text substitution (piping), save and resume all help to deliver a better respondent experience.
¿It is simple to include multimedia, image maps, star rating questions and calendars to engage respondents more effectively.
¿Respondent management tools make the recruitment process easy - automated invitations and reminders, quota controls, triggered alerts and pre-seeding from a database.
¿Snap offers an array of powerful analytical tools and real-time reporting.
¿Host web surveys using our secure Snap WebHost subscription service or on your own server.
¿Custom branded URL's are available, either partly or fully tailored for your organisation's survey links.
¿Snap can handle multi-mode surveys - run surveys in any combination of formats including web, paper, PDA and phone.
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