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New Features

With Ext JS, you can develop pixel-perfect, cross-platform web apps with ease. Whether you're a single developer or a development team, the Ext JS component model keeps your code well structured so even the largest applications can be easily maintained. And other developers' components plug-in seamlessly. Best of all, Ext JS provides an encyclopedic-collection of user interface widgets with a elegant starting theme.

Ext JS 4.2 - released March 2013

  • Big data grids - support for much larger data sets across a large variety of browsers suiting applications with a high number of data points such as financial or insurance applications.
  • Neptune theme - new theme providing a light, clean and fully modern UI with even more powerful customisation capabilities. Plus - themes are now easier to build and share.
  • Right-to-left support - a new optional package for RTL applications.
  • IE10 support - fully supports Internet Explorer 10.

Sencha Ext JS overview

Sencha Ext JS is the leading standard for business-grade web application development. With over 100 examples, 1000 APIs, hundreds of components, a full documentation suite and built in themes, Ext JS provides the tools necessary to build robust desktop applications.

MVC architecture

Ext JS brings a rich data package that allows developers to use a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture when building their app. The MVC leverages features like Big Data Grids enabling an entirely new level of interactivity in web apps.

Modern Neptune theme

The new Neptune theme provides developers a light and clean, fully modern set of UI styles with rich customisation capabilities. With Neptune, user experience teams have a powerful out-of-the-box foundation for building contemporary web applications that match their business needs.

Rich, modern UI widgets

Sencha Ext JS offers an extraordinary range of user interface widgets. High performance scalable grids, trees, menus, and more. If you need it, it is probably already built. And even if it's not in the core library, you're almost certain to find it in the thousands of user extensions from the two-million strong Sencha community and in the Sencha Market.

Sencha Cmd for Ext JS

Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone to build your Sencha application. From scaffolding a new project, to minifying and deploying your application to production, Sencha Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management features to compliment your Sencha project. With a rich command line syntax and Ant integration, Cmd is perfect to integrate into your enterprise build environment or use standalone for your application.

Ext Direct

Ext Direct is a platform and language agnostic technology to remote server-side methods to the client-side. Ext Direct allows for seamless communication between the client-side of an Ext JS application and all popular server platforms.

Big data grids

Sencha Ext JS provides rich capabilities for enterprise developers with its improved big data grids. High data point applications, such as financial or insurance applications can take advantage of these new capabilities to deliver more powerful and sophisticated user experiences.

Plugin-free charting

No plugins, no problem. Don¿t let proprietary browser plugins get in the way of delivering eye-catching charts. Ext JS 4 delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, delivering pixel perfect visuals on any browser on any operating system. Leveraging SVG and VML, Ext JS 4¿s new charting package lets developers design and program their graphs once and never have to worry if they¿ll work.

Clean component model

A core strength of Ext JS is its component design. You can easily extend the default components to meet your needs, and extensions will be encapsulated within just those components. As a result, your development teams can create even the largest applications without stepping on each other¿s code.

Cross platform browser compatibility

Ext JS 4 lets developers deliver on an incredible variety of browsers and on more operating systems using the same code - over ten years of browsers in one release. On modern browsers, Ext JS 4 utilises HTML5 features and falls back to alternatives on older browsers. Whether you¿re using Ext JS¿ built-in UI components, using the new Charting package, or theming your application, Ext JS 4 makes it easy to build an app that gives you the power of the web regardless of what browser your customer uses.

Ext JS supports all major web browsers including:
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 3.6+ (PC, Mac)
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome 10+
  • Opera 11+ (PC, Mac).

Documentation, training and support

The learning resources and API documentation are comprehensive, detailed and regularly maintained. There are also several options for professional training at multiple levels including beginner and advanced along with professional support with guaranteed response times and a full ticketing system.

Standard Support

  • Free upgrade to next major release - obtain all major and minor version upgrades for one year.
  • Access to Online Ticketing System - get help directly from the staff at Sencha Support.
  • Premium Forum Access - gain access to the Sencha Premium Forums.
  • Access to Development SVN - test bug fixes, preview new features and see every code checkin through direct access to SVN.

Premium Support

Premium support includes everything in Standard support, plus:
  • Early Access to Custom Bug Fixes - get a quicker temporary fix until the bug is patched in production.
  • Performance Tuning - Sencha will review your code and inform you of potential performance fixes.
  • Faster Response Time - get faster response times to turn your projects around quicker.
  • Remote Troubleshooting - the quickest way to receive valuable assistance from Sencha product experts.
  • Expert Code Review - get your code reviewed by Sencha engineers.
  • Telephone Support - get telephone support direct from Sencha.
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