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Sencha GXT

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Enterprise class UI framework for Google Web Toolkit

Product Variants

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.

New Features

Sencha GXT provides high-performance UI widgets for building HTML5 apps using Java and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Sencha GXT takes GWT to the next level, giving you high-performance widgets, feature-rich templates and layouts, advanced charting, data loaders, stores and much more.

What's new in Sencha GXT 3?

  • Cell Enhancements - cell-based fields improve the performance of data widgets.
  • Plug-in Free Charting - high performance, plug-in free charts, graphs, and visualisations.
  • Compile Time Templates - ensures templates are typesafe and optimised by the GWT complier.
  • Custom Theming - easily modify the theme of your app using custom markup.
  • Desktop Example - build examples to showcase GXT 3 components.
  • GWT and Cells Widgets - full interoperability with GWT Widgets to take advantage of any existing widget.
  • GWT Events and Handlers - use standard GWT Events and Handlers. Increase productivity without learning a new system.
  • Improved Model Support - now works with any Java Bean with getter and setter accessors. Also supports RequestFactory.
  • Interface Based Design - easy to incoporate MVP and streamline testing.
  • Sandboxing - run multiple versions of Sencha GXT side-by-side.
  • State API - full support of HTML5 local storage.
  • Strongly Typed Layout Engine - give you maximum control of the app and easily debug the app.
  • Tri State Tree - advanced tree view control for flexible UI design and tree selection management.
  • Full UIBinder Support - leverage existing HTML and CSS skills effortlessly for high performance UI and programmatic behavior separation.

Templates and Layout Managers

To help you organise the display of data and content, Sencha GXT includes templates with advanced features such as autofilling arrays. Plus, the flexible layout manager helps you control the display of components for even the most complex user interfaces.

High-performance UI Widgets

Sencha GXT provides a comprehensive library of high-performance data widgets that are fully themed and customisable. These include data trees and tree grids, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, panels and windows. And even if it's not in the core library, you're almost certain to find it in the hundreds of user extensions from the Sencha GXT community.

Professional Documentation, Training and Support

The learning resources and API documentation are comprehensive, detailed and regularly maintained. There are also several options for professional training at multiple levels including beginner and advanced. You can also purchase professional support with guaranteed response times and a full ticketing system.

Browser Compatibility

Ext GWT supports all major browsers, including:
  • Safari 3+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Chrome 6+
  • Opera 10.5+.

Commercial software licensing

This is the appropriate option if you want to use Sencha GXT to develop commercial applications whose source code you want to keep proprietary. It is a traditional 'per developer seat' licence. Each developer who works with Sencha software is considered a separate seat, including any developer who works with Sencha software through abstractions like tag libraries or data definitions rather than directly in JavaScript code.

Standard Support

  • Free upgrade to next major release - obtain all major and minor version upgrades for one year.
  • Access to Online Ticketing System - get help directly from the staff at Sencha Support.
  • Premium Forum Access - gain access to the Sencha Premium Forums.
  • Access to Development SVN - test bug fixes, preview new features and see every code checkin through direct access to SVN.

Premium Support

Premium support includes everything in Standard support, plus:
  • Early Access to Custom Bug Fixes - get a quicker temporary fix until the bug is patched in production.
  • Performance Tuning - Sencha will review your code and inform you of potential performance fixes.
  • Faster Response Time - get faster response times to turn your projects around quicker.
  • Remote Troubleshooting - the quickest way to receive valuable assistance from Sencha product experts.
  • Expert Code Review - get your code reviewed by Sencha engineers.
  • Telephone Support - get telephone support direct from Sencha.
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