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SQL Index Manager

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SQL Index Manager

Published By:  Redgate

Analyse, manage and fix database index fragmentation

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Redgate SQL Index Manager makes it easy to quickly and easily find out the status of your indexes and discover which databases need maintenance. You can then choose to perform the maintenance task required through the UI or view the T-SQL script to execute commands via SSMS. Get a full report of the status of your indexes, quickly and easily discover which databases need maintenance and view and perform the maintenance tasks required.

Quick and easy setup

Choose your server and database and click Diagnose now to begin analysing your database for fragmented indexes.

Configurable fragmentation thresholds

The index fragmentation and size thresholds can be manually specified to set the levels at which fragmentation is reported.

Clear data visualisation

Quickly identify highly-fragmented indexes using the results in the Index Analysis report.

Advice on rebuilding or reorganising

View fragmentation levels and get recommendations on whether to rebuild or reorganise indexes, then fix problems with specific indexes or choose to correct all of them.

One-click maintenance

Start rebuilding or reorganising selected indexes with a single click.

Automatic T-SQL script generation

SQL Index Manager can generate T-SQL scripts or create a SQL Server Job to rebuild/reorganise your indexes.

Real-time feedback

See which indexes SQL Index Manager has rebuilt or reorganised in real time.
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