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SQL Compare

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SQL Compare

Published By:  Redgate

Compares and synchronises SQL Server database schemas

Product Variants

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SQL Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and synchronising SQL Server database schemas. 54% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare because it's relentlessly tested, because it's easy to use, fast and saves time. You can work with live databases, database snapshots, SQL scripts in source control or backups. SQL Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors.

Standard Edition

What can be compared and deployed?
  • Supports SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, SQL Azure & SQL Server on Amazon RDS databases.
  • Snapshots of the schema.

Key features
  • Compare and deploy changes to SQL Server database schemas.
  • Compare and deploy database schemas from within SSMS.
  • Automatically create error-free deployment scripts.
  • Save deployment scripts for later use.
  • Migrate individual, a selection of, or all schema differences.
  • Build sophisticated rules to selectively limit what to synchronise.
  • Support for reading encrypted database objects.
  • Fine-grained filtering of database objects.
  • Troubleshoot database differences.
  • Dependency checking so objects are scripted in the correct order for updates.
  • Warnings about anything you need to be aware of prior to synchronising.
  • Save schema snapshots for audit and roll-back purposes.
  • Create reports in HTML or Excel detailing database differences.

Pro Edition

What can be compared and deployed?

All of the capabilities of the Standard edition, plus:
  • Backup files (both native SQL Server & Red Gate SQL Backup Pro).
  • Folders of SQL scripts (for source control)

Key features

All of the capabilities of the Standard edition, plus:
  • Command line automation for continuous integration (requires an Automation License).
  • Use fast deployment to bypass the comparison results and deploy database schemas from the Project Configuration dialog box.
  • Automatically output a database into individual object creation scripts.
  • Deploy a live database from a set of object SQL scripts.
  • Restore just a single object (or selection of objects) from a backup file.
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