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SAP Data Integrator (DI)

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SAP Data Integrator (DI)

Published By:  SAP

Access and integrate structured and unstructured data from data sources across the enterprise

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SAP Data Integrator software enables organizations to gain deeper insight with a single view by accessing and integrating structured and unstructured data from data sources across the enterprise. By making it easier to profile, extract, transform, and deliver data, SAP software provides your organization with trusted, integrated data to support the information needs of your enterprise.

  • Comprehensive data integration functionality – Access and integrate from any structured or unstructured data source, and design an efficient, reliable data integration process
  • Extract, transform, and load (ETL) functionality – Move and integrate data in near-real time or at any interval
  • Push-down extract, load, transform (E-LT) functionality – Take advantage of the power of the database, since SAP Data Integrator pushes down processing to the database layer whenever possible, including into SAP HANA appliance software, to leverage in-memory transformation processing and performance
  • “Big Data” support – Move and load data to and from Apache Hadoop data store

  • Compliance, governance, and realtime decision making with a single, trusted view of your data and faster access to all sources
  • Rapid deployment with prebuilt integration with other key SAP software and components
  • Flexibility with a wide variety of packaged adapters for databases, data warehouses, and data stores
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