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SAP Adaptive Server Platform

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SAP Adaptive Server Platform

Published By:  SAP

SAP ASE Edge Edition, SAP IQ Edge Edition and SAP Replication Server

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Adaptive Server Platform Edition (ASPE) is a package of database related technologies found in typical customer applications and provides essential services for OLTP, Reporting and Analysis, Availability, as well as Disaster Recovery.

Adaptive Server Platform Edition, is a bundle package that consists of SAP ASE Edge Edition, SAP IQ Edge Edition and SAP Replication Server.

SAP Replication Server, packaged as Replication Server, Premium Edition (included in ASPE) supports ASE, HANA, IQ, SAP Data Services, and Hadoop. SAP Replication Server supports multiple data replication uses cases, such as consolidating data from different sources, distributing data amongst heterogeneous database types, as well as the common use case of providing disaster recovery features to ASE customers. Customers easily replicate committed transactions from ASE or HANA to any SAP DB or into our ETL engine. A licensable option for replication to/from 3rd party databases (Oracle, MSFT, IBM) is also available. The new Hadoop target enables customers to replicate data directly from the database to their Hadoop lake – providing a new level of extensibility to ASE based applications.
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