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SQL Comparison Bundle

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SQL Comparison Bundle

Published By:  Redgate

Contains SQL Compare (Standard), SQL Data Compare (Standard), SQL Packager, SQL Dependency Tracker and SQL Search.

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The SQL Comparison Bundle is a bundle of Redgate SQL tools designed for comparing SQL Server database schemas and data. The process from checking dependencies, to synchronising databases and installing updated databases is completed rapidly and without manual errors. By buying this bundle of SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Packager, SQL Dependency Tracker and SQL Search you can save 45% over buying the products individually.

SQL Compare
Compare two SQL Server database schemas and generate a report on the differences between them. Synchronise changes between the databases by generating a SQL script that can update one of the databases to match the other. Compare and synchronise database snapshots and backups too.

SQL Data Compare
Compare the data within two databases and generate a report on the differences between the two data sets. Synchronise changes from backup to live or live to live. Restore data at the row-level quickly and reliably.

SQL Packager
Package and compress your entire database schema and data or your SQL queries as an executable (.exe). Simplify and speed up the updating of your databases and application deployment by removing the need for manual scripting.

SQL Dependency Tracker
SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to dynamically explore and document all your database object dependencies, using a range of graphical layouts. SQL Dependency Tracker integrates with SSMS, so you can explore a database by right-clicking in the Object Explorer.

SQL Search
SQL Search is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that lets you quickly search for SQL across your databases.
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