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SQL Monitor

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Real-time SQL Server performance monitoring, with alerts and diagnostics

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New Features

SQL Monior is a performance monitoring and alerting tool for SQL Server. It has a web-based UI, so you can check up on your servers wherever you are. It's simple to install, easy to use, and provides the data you need before making tough calls about sql server performance.

What's new?

The latest version of SQL Monitor is v7.0

SQL Monitor V7 focuses on reporting. We have created a new reporting module that helps you instantly generate accurate, informative reports on the performance of your SQL Servers.

SQL Server estate summary

When you first click on the reporting tab, by default you are presented with an example report that covers you entire SQL Server estate for the last 7 days.

It includes the following metrics:

  • Instances with lowest uptime

Shows the top five SQL Server instances with lowest uptime across your estate

  • Fastest filling disks

Shows the top five logical disks across your estate that are most likely to run out of space and gives an estimate of when they might run out of space.

  • Longest running queries

Shows the queries using most CPU worker time across your estate and how long their cumulative run time is

  • Alert summary

This shows a breakdown of the SQL Monitor alerts raised by severity (High, Medium and Low) for the current period and how they have changed compared to the previous period. It also shows the top alert types raised.

  • Server waits by day

Shows SQL Server waits for the top five SQL Servers with the highest cumulative waits over the report period.

Scheduling reports

Each report you create can be scheduled to run at a time determined by you and then sent out as a PDF via email. You can send the reports to yourself, your team, your boss, your clients or anyone else

SQL Monitor V7 gives you the flexibility to instantly produce professional reports that give you the data an insight you need to make better decisions.

New - Reporting - Generate reports about your servers and company health

The new Reporting module allows you to create customized reports.

These combine the performance metrics available in SQL Monitor’s analysis view with summary information on things like server uptime, the numbers of alerts being raised, or the disks which are filling up fastest.

Reports can be exported to PDF and emailed to you on a scheduled basis.

Alerting - Find problems before they become problems

SQL Monitor comes preconfigured with 40 fully-customizable alerts for the most important operational and performance issues.

Covering query performance, database and job health, SQL Server issues, and machine-level concerns, SQL Monitor helps you find out about problems before your users do.

Global Overview - See all your servers at a glance

View all your SQL Server instances, availability groups, clusters, and virtual machines on one central web-based interface.

Check in with all your servers without remoting in - in seconds, not hours. If one bubbles up in need of attention, drill down for detailed performance statistics.

Diagnosis - Uncover root causes in 5 minutes or less

When performance problems occur, time is at a premium. SQL Monitor gives you a focused set of performance metrics that quickly help you pinpoint the cause of any performance issue.

Correlate metrics and compare them to their baseline activity to find the root cause, not just the symptoms in 5 minutes or less.

Top Queries - See which queries are slowing you down and how to fix them

For every query, it shows you performance details, delays caused by resource waits, the T-SQL text, and the query plan. With this data at your fingertips, it’s quick to find and fix deadlocks and long-running or expensive queries.

Availability Groups - Get insights into the performance and status of your groups

SQL Monitor has Availability Group-specific overviews, alerts, metrics, and wait types.

The Availability Group overview shows at a glance the status and performance of an Availability Group and allows you to drill down into the replicas and databases.

With 17 Availability Group-specific metrics and six alert types, it gives you a complete picture of your databases so you can use your Availability Groups with confidence.

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