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DataDirect Connect® For ODBC

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DataDirect Connect for ODBC - for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix and more

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New Features

DataDirect Connect® for ODBC offers reliable, high-performance database connectivity to all major databases across all major platforms. DataDirect Technologies' innovative 'wire protocol' drivers eliminate the need for database client software to simplify administration and speed performance. DataDirect Connect for ODBC supports the latest ODBC specification, databases, and operating systems, offering the most advanced functionality available.

DataDirect Connect for ODBC is the fastest, most comprehensive suite of ODBC drivers for all major databases. The unique wire protocol design of DataDirect's ODBC driver eliminates the need for database client software and libraries, which greatly simplifies installation and administration and dramatically improves performance. Whether you need an ODBC driver for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Linux, Windows, UNIX, or any other database/platform combination, DataDirect has what you need.

This clientless ODBC driver even outperforms applications that use the database's native (proprietary) API for database access. The DataDirect ODBC driver is the industry standard for ODBC drivers, providing the advanced functionality, performance, and reliability that developers need to quickly deliver high-quality, database-independent applications.

New Features in Version 6.0

  • DataDirect Bulk Load - The 100% driver-based implementation delivers the best performance for bulk load scenarios without the need for database vendor bulk load tools or client libraries.
  • DataDirect Application Failover - A flexible implementation that works with or without key data replication / clustering technologies to deliver improved application uptime, in some cases without requiring application code changes.
  • New Greenplum and PostgreSQL wire protocol drivers ¿ DataDirect extends its unparalleled breadth of database coverage to include two new open source databases.
  • Advanced Connection Pooling ¿ DataDirect now supports connection pooling inside each driver rather than within the Driver Manager across all supported platforms. The unique implementation offers significant benefits over any other ODBC connection pooling implementation (including the ODBC Driver Manager on Windows), in that no application changes are required to use this feature, through tuning options you can limit the maximum number of connections, pre-load the connection pools, or re-connect dead connections in the pool and you can check pool status and clear pools through API calls.
  • Virtualisation Certification ¿ DataDirect has expanded its commitment and support for using DataDirect Connect for ODBC in virtualised environments by using our industry-leading test and verification suites to certify these virtualisation platforms and technologies: AIX LPARS, HP nPartitions and vPars, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Full Virtualisation, Solaris Zones (Containers), Windows Server 2008 Virtualisation, VMWare
  • New Client Platforms: AIX 6.1, Windows Server 2008 on x86-64, Windows Vista SP1 on x86-64 & Windows XP SP3 on x86-64
  • New or updated drivers in this release: Btrieve, DB2, Greenplum, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase & Teradata

What's New in Release 5.3 of the DataDirect ODBC Driver?
  • New Operating System (OS) authentication support via Kerberos for the Oracle Wire Protocol driver
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption support for the Oracle, DB2, and Sybase Wire Protocol drivers
  • Support for IPv6 ¿ The U.S. government has mandated that federal agencies use IPv6 by June 2008. In Release 5.3, IPv6 is supported by the DB2, SQL Server, Informix, and Sybase Wire Protocol drivers.
  • New ODBC Administrator for the Linux platform, which allows you to create, modify, and remove standard and file data sources. Customers familiar with the Windows ODBC Administrator will find this tool easy and convenient to use.

Licensing Options for DataDirect Technologies Products
DataDirect Technologies offers two types of licensing options for this product: Workstation, and Server licenses. If you are unsure as to which type of license you require, please contact DataDirect Technologies and we will help you determine the appropriate license type. In addition to ensuring that you are licensed properly based on your deployment, the server driver offers functionality critical for success in high performance server-based applications. This additional functionality, such as connection pooling and distributed transactions, is not available in our Authorized User and Workstation products.

Authorized User Basis. If the Product is licensed on an Authorized User basis, the Product may be used on a single computing machine which may be accessed by the number of Authorized Users specified in the Order Letter. An Authorized User is a single individual who has been designated to use the Product. In no event shall the number of persons authorized to have access to the Product exceed the number of Authorized Users identified in the Order Letter. The right to use the Product is not based on concurrent users, but instead on an actual ¿Authorized User¿ basis. User must, upon request by DataDirect, identify each Authorized User who will have access to the Product and provide that information to DataDirect.

Workstation Basis. If the Product is licensed on a Workstation basis, each Workstation using or accessing the Product must be licensed. A license must be purchased for each Workstation using or accessing the Product. A ¿Workstation¿ shall be defined as a computer that is operated, either attended or via remote access, by one person at a time, and cannot be used by more than one person, directly or indirectly, simultaneously. In no event shall the number of workstations utilizing or accessing the Product exceed the number of Workstations identified in the Order Letter.

Server Basis. If the Product is licensed on a Server basis, then a license fee must be paid for the maximum number of processors (¿CPUs¿) utilized by the Server whether or not such access is simultaneous or consecutive. Servers utilizing dual core processing (or multiple core processing) or other multi-processor technology shall have each core processor count as one (1) CPU. The Product may only be used by server-based applications running on that server accessed by other computers and may not be installed via file sharing on a local area network file system. A ¿Server¿ shall be defined as a logical computer with one or more CPUs on which the Product resides, along with the applications utilizing the Product, and which can be accessed by other computers. The term ¿Server¿ includes, but is not limited to, web servers, batch servers and application servers.

SupportLink is mandatory on all supported versions and must be included on all quotations. See the section on SupportLink for the definition of supported versions.

SupportLink offers unlimited over-the-phone access to SupportLink Live experts, and SupportLink Online, a members-only global service network which provides online case reporting, downloadable product fixes and upgrades, diagnostic tools and utilities, and the industry's largest data connectivity knowledgebase.

DataDirect Technologies' SupportLink provides you with a whole year of support by phone, email and web. It also provides you with product releases to help with bug fixes and minor enhancements.

SupportLink Live
DataDirect's toll-free support service providing access to SupportLink experts Monday through Friday, 2 AM EST to 8 PM EST, excluding holidays, and 24 hour emergency beeper service.

SupportLink Online
SupportLink subscribers have unlimited access to a password-protected global online service network for automated case reporting, knowledgbase, product updates, lifecycle information, documentation, and service packs.

Product Updates
SupportLink subscribers, upon request, receive all new releases of licensed product(s) in the quantity covered by their contract.

Reinstatement Fees
Customers whose annual SupportLink has been expired for more than 30 days will be charged a reinstatement fee equal to 20% of their total maintenance bill. In addition they will be charged for maintenance services extending back to the date of expiration.
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