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.NET code and application protection tool.

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Dotfuscator prevents reverse engineering, compacts and consolidates applications, includes powerful tamper detection and provides runtime usage information. The included .NET obfuscator helps protect against reverse engineering of your programmes by obfuscating .NET code and also helps to make your executables smaller. Tamper detection, defences and automated responses help to ensure the security of your application and runtime usage data enables you to identify usage patterns and identify key areas for development.

Leading .NET Code Security

  • Namespace/Type/Method/Field renaming using the patented Overload-Induction renaming system
  • Enhanced Overload Induction
  • Control Flow Obfuscation
  • Designed to stop even the best of decompilers from producing useful output
  • String Encryption
  • Several predefined renaming schemes including unprintable characters
  • Software Watermarking
  • Tamper Detection and Notification Service.

.NET Code Efficiency
  • Makes application size smaller
  • Pruning/Compacting - Unused Type, Method, and Field removal
  • Enhanced pruning and renaming reports
  • Assembly Linking
  • Comprehensive and Efficient .NET Code Development and Deployment
  • Complete support for .Net Framework
  • Easy to use XML based configuration file
  • Generated Map files allow you to interpret stack traces
  • Incremental Obfuscation
  • Includes GUI and command line interface suitable for integrating into build environments
  • Complete and accurate Users's Guide in PDF format
  • Support for Managed C++ modules
  • Powerful and easy to use command line interface.

Runtime Intelligence Support
  • Get insight into how your applications are being used with runtime intelligence
  • Set an expiration date for your product which exits the application when the date is matched (e.g. for software evaluations)
  • Use application analytics to find out which features are being used and the duration they're being used for
  • The RIS endpoint is available as a hosted service and can be self-hosted.

And More
  • Seamless obfuscation of satellite DLLs
  • Deep Integration with Visual Studio Project Builds
  • Debugging support, including stack trace decoding
  • Ability to include/exclude by custom attribute matching
  • Full support and integration with Visual Studio 2010
  • Support for declarative obfuscation via standard custom attributes
  • Support for Generic Types and Methods
  • Many GUI improvements, including support for XP themes
  • Support for Pre and Post build events
  • Library mode selectable on a per assembly basis
  • Automatic strong named assembly re-signing after build
  • Improved algorithm for finding external assembly dependencies, with user specified assembly load path as fallback
  • Integration with MSBuild.

Product pricing is based on number of build machines and the number of licensed developers.

Build Machines: defined as the machine that produces your application's production executables. Machines used for configuration, test builds, and QA are considered build machines.

Licensed Developers: defined as those individuals who are authorised to run Dotfuscator on the build machine. It is recommended you license your entire development team.

Note that there are no restrictions on the number or type of applications protected by Dotfuscator and the license if perpetual. Software maintenance is on a subscription basis, new licenses include 1 year of maintenance and can be renewed from there.

Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition

Included for free within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. It is an ideal solution for those that require a basic level of protection from reverse engineering on straightforward applications. It provides basic code obfuscation, a standalone UI, tamper detection, application expiry support and basic runtime intelligence.

Dotfuscator Commerical Edition

Upgrade the Community Edition to the Commercial Edition and get:
  • Comprehensive obfuscation - features renaming prefix support, enhanced overload induction, incremental obfuscation, control flow and string encryption
  • User interface - supports Visual Studio integration, command line support and MSBuild support
  • Supported application types - works with SQL CLR applications, ClickOnce applications, Silverlight and supports managed C++ (mixed mode) assemblies and satellite assemblies
  • Debugging support - works with PDB round trip debugging and stack trace translation
  • Build and packaging - resigns strong named assemblies, supports Authenticode signing and comes with pre and post build events
  • Deployment optimisations - links assemblies and removes unused code
  • Application protection - supports tamper notifications and watermarking and can execute a custom action upon tamper detection
  • Expiration - execute a custom action upon expiration
  • Enhanced Runtime Intelligence Support - track an unlimited number of features and run a performance probe and a system profiler. Also supports SSL messages, extended keys for a custom data payload and enables sending of custom instance IDs (application serial number)
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