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Create professional organisational charts quickly

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Insperity OrgPlus is a leading desktop-based organisational charting and planning tool. Create, maintain and publish organisational charts by adding employee names, titles, contact information and other fields. The OrgPlus suite of solutions includes Premium, Professional and Standard editions. In the Professional edition you get additional functionality including the ability to ensure you're always viewing the most up-to-date information by connecting OrgPlus to your HR database and the ability to share your charts across the organisation with advanced publishing capabilities. In the Premium edition you additionally get organisational analysis, dynamic reporting and change management capabilities.

New in OrgPlus 2012

Welcome Panel - the new welcome panel makes it easy to get started, access recent charts and get access to additional help resources.
Import Wizard (Professional/Premium only) - the new import wizard requires fewer steps and decisions, features improved messaging and helps you quickly visualise imported data in a chart.
Planning (Premium only) - helps you plan organisational changes. Features a staging area to store boxes until you want to locate them, enables movement of an entire branch or just individuals and integrates with the track changes feature.
Track Changes (Premium only) - cut and paste is now tracked as a move operation in track changes.
Box Layout - box properties now shows a real preview of what changes will look like before saving your changes.
Field Inheritance - boxes can now inherit data from managers or peers.
Multi-record Box with Sub-charting - create sub-charts for multi-record boxes.
Web publishing improvements - now publish to Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Plus charts published in older versions will be able to be published in 2012.
Customise pre-defined reports - copy pre-defined reports, edit them to your needs then save as a new report.


For companies with fewer than 100 employees. Capabilities include:
  • Create boardroom-quality org charts
  • Apply best-practice based view or design templates
  • Visualise HR metrics within the org chart
  • Model scenarios for organisational change
  • Analyse your data easily with built-in reporting tools
  • Export chart data to Microsoft Excel or any database.


For companies with 100 - 1000 employees. All of the functionality of the Standard edition, plus:
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel, ODBC, SQL Server, LDAP, Active Directory, Oracle and SAP
  • Publish charts to PDF, PPT and the web
  • Integrate with your HR database.


For companies with 100 - 1000 employees. All of the functionality of the Professional edition, plus:
  • Track organisational changes with a full audit trail
  • Generate personnel action notices and detailed reports.

  • Modern processor - 500 Mhz+
  • Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 256 MB RAM for Windows XP, 512 MB RAM Vista/Windows 7, 1 GB RAM recommended, 2 GB RAM for 10,000+ boxes, 4 GB RAM for 30,000+ boxes
  • 80 MB of free disk space
  • Office XP (SP3), Office 2003 (SP2), Office 2007, Office 2010
  • Internet connection required for activation.
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