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Netop Mobile & Embedded for Windows platform [Renewal]

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Remote Management for mobile devices and embedded Windows CE solutions. With Netop mobile, you can share and safeguard mission-critical resources - no matter where they are and do - the following tasks easily, quickly, and safely:

  • Remote user support from corporate helpdesk
  • Remote administration
  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote operation of machinery

The new release of Netop Mobile & Embedded. Version 17.0 brings improvements to the Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Android versions.

In order to use Netop Mobile & Embedded 17.0, new license keys are required. Customers who have a valid Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade agreement are eligible to upgrade to the new version at no additional cost and should receive their upgrade license keys shortly after the public release date.

New Features

Android Guest

  • Increased security when connecting to the internet with WebConnect 3.x support in the new version of Guest
  • Get notified when keyboard control has been revoked - when multiple Guest users are connected to the same Host
  • Bug and issue fixes

Android Host

  • WebConnect 3.x support
  • nstallation flags to prevent admins UI and flag to prevent RcBridge download UI
  • Remove touchscreen requirements from manifest
  • Bluebird platform support
  • Bug and issue fixes

Windows Mobile and CE Host

  • WebConnect 3.x

Android Guest module

Netop Mobile & Embedded version 16.0 introduces a Guest module for Android devices. The NME Guest supports Android versions 4.0 to 7.01, and can be downloaded from the Google play store or at

The NME Android Guest supports connections to a Netop Remote Control Host and/or a Netop Mobile & Embedded Host through a TCP/IP or WebConnect communication profile.

Note: Only WebConnect 1.96 is supported. Connections via WebConnect 3 and the Netop Portal are not supported at this time.



  • Support for Remote Management power off and reset commands

Android Host:

  • Support for Android 7 “Nougat'
  • Remote control support for new devices from BlueBird, Fieldbook, Intermec and Unitech
  • Messages are saved on disk until the user sees them in “Menu \ Show messages'
  • Ability to rotate the screen 180 degrees for Samsung View devices
  • Support for end task command in RM Task Manager snap-in
  • Support for ExitOnIdle commands
  • Improved performance of screen optimizations on Samsung and Sony devices
  • Improved platform certificate detection
  • Remote management session start / session stop now shown in event history log
  • When the screen on a Host is off, the Guest user will now see the stub screen. The stub screen has specific text notifying the Guest user the Host is screen may be off due to a proximity sensor (e.g., the Host is on an active phone call)
  • Lock screen no longer shown when the first Guest disconnects during a multi-Guest remote session


Windows Mobile/CE Host:

  • Crash on application exit
  • Installation issue when MSI file was unable to install Host due to error looking up temp directory
  • NSS LDAP authentication problem

Android Host:

  • Active session ended when inventory requested
  • Show messages did not work in some cases
  • Host crash on download of AddOn in Android 6 and above
  • Run program command not working
  • Frozen connection state while requesting inventory
  • Home button nonresponsive on certain device skins with NRC 12.50
  • Crash when Download Manager was disabled when downloading Host add-on
  • NSS LDAP authentication problem* Complete control - control the remote device's Windows CE/Mobile based operating system, mouse and keyboard
  • Use a Windows Mobile/Smartphone device (using the Netop Host version) to control remote computers and servers (running the Netop Guest version)

Other features

  • Powerful file manager enables easy transfer of files (copy, move, synchronise and delta transfer) from Host to Guest and Guest to Host
  • Inventory feature to collect all remote hardware and software in an XML file - includes the remote device's battery status and wireless strength
  • Helpdesk support - create a configurable hotkey to provide quick, easy access to your IT helpdesk
  • Highly secure - all traffic is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Instant messaging - communicate with other Netop Host/Guest remote users instantly
  • Log all Netop guest actions on a device
  • Stealth mode to deactivate the interface on the Netop Host to prevent the user from accessing the application
  • Kiosk mode on Netop Guests can display a remote computer full screen with password protection against quitting full screen mode or disconnection and can automatically reconnect if the connection is lost
  • Address book on Netop Guests enable quick access to previously connected Hosts

  • High Performance - NetOp Mobile & Embedded works quickly, even in low bandwidth scenarios due to NetOp's advanced compression processes and algorithms
  • Easy installation - Install via Active Sync or via download from a Web server
  • Increased ROI - Instant remote helpdesk assistance reduces support costs and gets users back to work quickly
  • Secure - all NetOp traffic is 256-bit AES encrypted
  • Compliant - NetOp allows you to log all remote connections and events
  • Reduce support requests and downtime - the built in help feature in NetOp Guests make it easy for users to initiate help requests and for technical support to communicate with and help the user immediately, remotely

Netop Guest and Host licensing (modules)

A Netop Guest licence should be installed on the devices that will be used to remote control and interact with another device. A Netop Host licence should be installed on each machine that will be connected to by the Netop Guest.

(NAP) Netop Advantage Program
  • The Netop Advantage Program is the annual support and upgrade program that keeps you current with new releases and provides technical support. New versions and technical support services are available for those Netop modules for which a Netop Advantage Program has been purchased. The above licenses include 12 months Netop Advantage Program.
  • Annual Netop Advantage Program can be renewed at 20% of the license value. The yearly fee is paid in advance.
  • Upgrade without Netop Advantage Program at 50% of the license value.

(NOLP) Netop Open License Program
  • NOLP (Netop Open License Program) is a program available for users with 100+ license quantities.
  • NOLP licensing provides you with one serial number per Netop module.
  • New NOLP licenses are protected by 12 months Netop Advantage Program and can be renewed yearly.
  • Additional licenses can be added to a NOLP if the NOLP is protected by a current Netop Advantage Program.
  • Additional licenses added to an existing NOLP are protected by the current Netop Advantage Program.
  • End user information is required.

Mobile Operating System Support

  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Standard (Host only) and Professional
  • Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Phone Edition and Smartphone (Host only)
  • Windows Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE
  • Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone
  • Windows CE Embedded 5.0 - ARM and X86
  • Windows CE Embedded 4.2 (Host only)

  • Host - 4MB RAM (8MB recommended)
  • Guest - 8MB RAM (16MB recommended)

Disk space
  • Host - 3MB space
  • Guest - 4MB space

  • TCP/IP as supported by the operating system
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