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NetOp OnDemand

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NetOp OnDemand

Published By:  Netop Solutions A/S

Provides instant Web based remote support, regardless of location, networks, firewalls, or what your user is logged onto.

Product Variants

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.

New Features

Netop OnDemand provides support when the user needs it regardless of location, networks, firewalls or what computer the user is logged on to. And when it comes to help desk support, that means faster problem resolution, better service, and greater customer satisfaction.

Netop has taken its world-famous remote control technology and created Netop OnDemand to enable Web-based help desk sessions without any firewall configuration. Of course, Netop OnDemand integrates seamlessly with Netop Remote Control.

New Features in Version 3.0

Support for WebConnect 3.0 - The Netop OnDemand Pack ‘n’ Deploy 3.0 module has been optimized to produce an OnDemand Host application using Netop WebConnect 3.0 as the communication profile.

(NAP) Netop Advantage Program

  • The Netop Advantage Program is the annual support and upgrade program that keeps you current with new releases and provides technical support. New versions and technical support services are available for those Netop modules for which a Netop Advantage Program has been purchased. The above licenses include 12 months Netop Advantage Program.
  • Annual Netop Advantage Program can be renewed at 20% of the license value. The yearly fee is paid in advance.
  • Upgrade without Netop Advantage Program at 50% of the license value.

(NOLP) Netop Open License Program
  • NOLP (Netop Open License Program) is a program available for users with 100+ license quantities.
  • NOLP licensing provides you with one serial number per Netop module.
  • New NOLP licenses are protected by 12 months Netop Advantage Program and can be renewed yearly.
  • Additional licenses can be added to a NOLP if the NOLP is protected by a current Netop Advantage Program.
  • Additional licenses added to an existing NOLP are protected by the current Netop Advantage Program.
  • End user information is required.
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