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Published By:  Jetico, Inc.

Secure files deletion utiltiy to ensure files cannot easily be restored using any recovery utility

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BCWipe software enables you to confidently erase files that can never be recovered by an intruder. BCWipe complies with options to invoke either the US Department of Defence (DoD) standard or the Peter Gutmann wiping scheme. You can also create and use your own customized wiping scheme to wipe sensitive information from storage devices installed on your computer. BCWipe family of software includes BCWipePD utility to wipe a whole hard drive (or all hard drives) on the computer. BCWipePD utility is designed for quite specific purposes, mainly for government agencies, banking and large corporations, where there is a need in a safe destroying contents of hard drives before computers can be got away from the companies. BCWipePD is a powerful utility designed to provide a fast way for wiping disks on large number of computers without wasting time on installation the program on every computer separately.

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