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Powerful IDE for HTML, CSS and JavaScript Web development

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WebStorm refines your web development experience by adding support for cutting-edge technologies, seamlessly integrating with new powerful tools and bringing multiple improvements across the whole IDE.

Key Features in WebStorm
WebStorm improves support for ES6, TypeScript, and Flow and integrates more tools into the IDE, to help you develop more smoothly and productively not only for the web but also for mobile.

Language support
  • Flow support - Using Flow in your project? You can now see type errors reported by Flow, a static type checking system, right in the WebStorm editor as you work with your code, without having to save files. You can also use code completion results provided by Flow.
  • Better TypeScript - TypeScript code analysis and completion are now powered by the TypeScript language service, thanks to which the errors reported in the editor are now consistent with the compiler.

On top of that, WebStorm provides its own powerful refactorings and intentions, including a new smart Rename that understands the inheritance hierarchy.
  • Migrating to ES6 - With a new group of inspections, you can highlight code that can be converted to ECMAScript 6. You can easily convert function to arrow function, var declarations to let and const, require calls to import statements, and strings to template strings by pressing Alt-Enter on a statement or using Inspect code… to apply changes throughout the project.
  • Convert to class - Start using ECMAScript 6 classes in your code with the new Convert to class intention! Not only can WebStorm convert simple objects with a constructor and some properties to a class, but it can also work with complex prototype chains and create a class hierarchy.
  • PostCSS support - With a new official plugin you will get real support for PostCSS with smart code completion, navigation, inspections, configurable code style and auto-formatting, as well as the Rename refactoring for custom selectors and media queries.

Frameworks and libraries
  • React Native - WebStorm can now help you develop mobile apps with React Native. In addition to its smart React support, WebStorm now adds an opportunity to create, run and debug apps from the IDE, as well as code completion for React Native StyleSheet properties.
  • Angular 2 improvements - Use the New… popup to generate components, directives, services, and other blueprints in projects created with Angular CLI.

Completion and resolve for methods in the templates are now more precise because WebStorm understands available type info.

  • Stylelint - Don’t miss any errors in your stylesheets thanks to integration with Stylelint, a CSS linter. In addition to the built-in WebStorm inspections, you can now see the errors reported by Stylelint right in the editor.
  • Protractor - Integration with Protractor, an end-to-end testing framework for Angular apps, now lets you easily run and debug tests in WebStorm and see test results in a tool window, with options to filter them and quickly jump to the test source.
  • Docker for Node.js apps - New integration with Docker allows you to run and debug your Node.js apps in a Docker container from the IDE. WebStorm can also help you quickly bootstrap Docker for your app.

IDE improvements
  • VCS improvements - Searching Git and Mercurial logs in WebStorm has become significantly faster and the UI has gotten much clearer. You can now quickly cancel unpushed commits with a new Undo Commit… action, and easily manage remotes in Git via the Configure Remotes dialog.

Other improvements:
  • New modern and sharp-looking file icons
  • Option to create new projects with Create React App from the Welcome screen
  • Fix file with ESLint quick-fix option is now available for the ESLint error in the editor
  • Better support for ES6 destructuring: go to definition, quick documentation, and parameter info
  • Find usages for default-exported functions and classes
  • New code style options for arrow functions
  • Compiled JavaScript files are now excluded in TypeScript projects
  • Yarn can be now used instead of npm
  • Test names are now available via Go to symbol...
  • Option to create an .editorconfig file based on the IDE code style settings
  • Generated files with specific file extensions are now grouped automatically in the Project view
  • Revised UI of file watchers

TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6: WebStorm supports coding assistance for JSX, ES6 generators and modules, local types and other TypeScript new features. It also understands tsconfig.json when resolving objects.

Angular 2 support: WebStorm brings basic support for Angular 2. Whether you use it with TypeScript or ECMAScript 2015, WebStorm provides code completion and navigation for components and bindings and understands new event attributes.

Yeoman integration: Thanks to new integration with Yeoman, you can now access hundreds of project generators right from the IDE Welcome screen. A new UI will help you find and install new generators and they will guide you through the generator steps, all without leaving the IDE.

Flame charts in Node.js CPU profiler: A new flame chart view in V8 CPU profiler gives you a visual representation of your Node.js app execution.

Adjusting code style settings: Select a code fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose Adjust code style settings. You will be able to see and adjust the code style settings that can be applied to this piece of code, with a live preview available.
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