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Published By:  Ipswitch File Transfer

A single system that lets you manage, see, and control all file transfer activities.

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MOVEit Mobile: Productivity and Protection for Your Organisation

Give your IT department complete visibility over the file transfer process, while giving your employees the ability to conduct business from anywhere, on any device.

Organisations of all sizes now leverage MOVEit Mobile to:

Gain Greater Visibility and Control: With MOVEit Mobile, a central administrator can oversee virtually all aspects of the file transfer process, even those that involve mobile devices. Manage automated tasks and processes and get complete audit reports on all file transfer activity. Control user access and enable single sign-on via SAML 2.0 integration to Identify Provider systems.

Increase Productivity: Enable users to participate in critical business processes on-the-go. With MOVEit Mobile, employees can access and transfer files, send and receive packages, conduct person-to-person transfers and participate in automated workflows.

Conduct Business on Any Device: MOVEit Mobile works with any iOS or Android device (smartphone and tablet) and is integrated with several popular native applications - giving your workforce the ability to conduct file-transfer business from anywhere.

MOVEit Mobile offer benefits to companies across industries:

An insurance adjustor can securely transfer documents and images from his tablet using MOVEit Mobile. And, while still at the accident site, he can initiate the automated insurance claim review workflow process, saving time and improving productivity. In the past, he would need to either wait until he returns to the office to securely access internal systems, use a complex FTP client from a remote desktop, or mail documentation within a paper-based process.

A doctor takes a picture of a patient’s infection with her cell phone and sends it securely as part of a patient record update process. The medical records department is alerted to the availability of the picture, adds text information like the medical record number, uploads it to the patient record, and sends the picture to the practice management system. The pictures are made available to assisting specialists within the practice and instantly offer important context for collaborative treatment not previously possible. The process is in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH standards.

A sales rep at a customer site securely generates and delivers an approved price quote document, initiating the process from her tablet. Once approved, the price quote is automatically and securely delivered to her client and the internal business systems are updated with information from the quote. The automated process reduces time for quote generation and approval, and ensures security for sensitive pricing and customer information in every step of the process.

Oil and Manufacturing
An engineer securely accesses shared large unstructured data files such as geo-physical information, equipment specifications or designs remotely on their tablet. The engineer can be anywhere in the world, and with MOVEit Mobile can securely view and edit any file he is authorised to access right from his iPad or Android tablet. User access is centrally managed, shared files can be created via an automated process, and files automatically delete on a pre-determined expiration date. Previously, engineers had to carry paper copies of documents, anticipate before they departed their office which electronic documents they might need while in the field, or make a second expensive return trip. And, if files needed to be updated based on information collected in the field, it required an interim step rather than being updated on the spot.

Executives and managers in financial services companies need secure access to critical financial and portfolio information. As mobile computing becomes ubiquitous, there are similar expectations for doing business from mobile devices. Protection of sensitive financial information is a concern. MOVEit Mobile allows executives to view sensitive financial documents and reports from their mobile devices without any unencrypted files stored on their device. Even better, financial reports can be automatically generated and securely transferred to appropriate executives – and if the files are not accessed within a pre-determined timeframe, they are automatically deleted, or can be automatically deleted after a pre-set number of views. MOVEit Mobile frees executives to do business wherever they are: at a client location, on a business trip, or even on the way home from work. Previously, they were chained to their desk or forced to put sensitive information at risk using unsecured systems.
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