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Published By:  Ipswitch File Transfer

A single system that lets you manage, see, and control all file transfer activities.

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MOVEit Central provides a simple but powerful user interface for defining business workflows that anyone on your IT team can use. With MOVEit Central you can automate tasks like pushing and pulling files to/from any FTP server based on events or schedule, manipulating/transforming file content, managing files for transfer, storage or deletion.

MOVEit Central lets you:
  • Quickly and easily create file-based tasks without programming.
  • Enhance security by automating transfer of files outside the firewall–eliminating external access to trusted networks.
  • Replace unreliable manual processes or legacy scripts that are difficult to adapt to your agile business.

Depending on your file automation requirements, there is a MOVEit Central product edition that will work for you:

MOVEit Central Corporate

This entry-level edition enables you to create automated file-based tasks without programming. Create up to 50 unique tasks that include transfer of files on up to 10 FTP Servers. And you can upgrade to MOVEit Central Enterprise at any time.

MOVEit Central Enterprise

MOVEit Central Enterprise is a full-featured automation solution with custom scripting and conditional logic. It supports up to 5000 tasks and 100 simultaneous operations with an unlimited number of FTP or MFT Servers.

Simple user interface:

Complicated tasks such as process definitions and custom scripting are now incredibly easy thanks to MOVEit Central. Set processes to run on a scheduled, event-driven, simultaneous, or on-demand basis. Leverage reusable definitions and workflow tasks using pre-configured scripts. Or if you prefer to use custom programming and scripts, MOVEit Central provides access to the APIs you need.

Predictable and secure file delivery:

MOVEit Central applies industry-standard protocols and proven encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography) for files in transit and at rest so you can safely and confidently send sensitive information between employees, business partners, customers, and applications.

Complete visibility and control:

Administrative features of MOVEit Central let you monitor and report on all past, present, and scheduled tasks without manual effort. Receive notifications of key server events and completed transfers through pre-defined and customisable reports - all from a secure, tamper-evident database.

Automation made easy:

Significantly reduce the efforts of managing your organisation’s file transfer processes and workflows with advanced automation capabilities. MOVEit Central pulls, processes, and pushes files to any platform, including all network architectures, operating systems, and protocols.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows Server 2012 (support for 32-bit and native 64-bit), Windows Server 2012 R2 (support for 32-bit and native 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit English and German); Windows Server 2008 (32-bit). Additionally, the MOVEit Central admin console also supports Windows 7.
  • Supported Virtualization Environments: VMware ESX (64-bit) and Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0 (64-bit).
  • Supported Database: MySQL 5.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, MySQL 5.5; Microsoft SQL Server 2012; Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2; Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Enterprise/Standard Editions.
  • Hardware: 1GB RAM, 80GB of available drive space; Pentium-class or faster. Production systems will benefit from additional resources, including faster, additional and multicore processors (single or dual quad-core processors are common), more RAM, hard drive capacity and speed.
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