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Intel Media Server Studio Professional Edition [Commercial - Renewal]

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2017 Commercial - Renewal (Post-Expiry) (1-Year) (1) Named User - Electronic Cross-Platform   £1,945.00   Email   Add to Basket
2017 Commercial - Renewal (Post-Expiry) (1-Year) (PTIR) (Unlimited) Named Users - Electronic Cross-Platform   £38,913.87   Email   Add to Basket
2017 Commercial - Renewal (Post-Expiry) (1-Year) (Unlimited) Named Users - Electronic Cross-Platform   £38,913.87   Email   Add to Basket
2017 Commercial - Renewal (Pre-Expiry) (1-Year) (1) Named User - Electronic Cross-Platform   £972.15   Email   Add to Basket
2017 Commercial - Renewal (Pre-Expiry) (1-Year) (PTIR) (Unlimited) Named Users - Electronic Cross-Platform   £19,456.93   Email   Add to Basket
2017 Commercial - Renewal (Pre-Expiry) (1-Year) (Unlimited) Named Users - Electronic Cross-Platform   £19,456.93   Email   Add to Basket

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The Intel Media Server Studio is a powerful software development suite of libraries and analytical tools to develop, debug, and deploy enterprise-grade media solutions on Intel Xeon processor and Intel Core processor-based platforms.

  • Deliver fast, high density and quality video transcoding and streaming
  • Access the full power of hardware accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on the latest Intel processors
  • Speed transition to 4K and HEVC

Demand for video is exploding and so is the demand for brilliant viewing experiences. Intel Media Server Studio 2017 bundles all you need for:
  • advanced media processing for live and OTT broadcasting, streaming, and conferencing
  • creating quality fast encoding and transcoding solutions
  • innovative media applications or infrastructure solutions

The tool suite supports both Linux and Windows Server, and provides media and OpenCL SDKs, runtimes, graphics drivers, and advanced performance and quality analysis tools to optimise your media solutions. These capabilities allow you to achieve real-time 4K@60fps HEVC decode and encode, and up to 18 AVC full HD@30fps transcoding sessions on select skus of the latest Intel Xeon and generation Intel Core processor-based platforms.

Key Features and Components

  • Video Decoders: H.265 (HEVC): 8-bit (hardware accelerated and software), 10-bit (software only), H.264 (AVC) 8-bit, MPEG-2, VC-1, MVC, MJPEG
  • Video Encoders: H.265 (HEVC) : 8-bit (hardware-, GPU-accelerated and software), 10-bit (software and GPU accelerated only), H.264 (AVC) 8-bit, MPEG-2, MVC (Windows Server OS only), MJPEG (software)
  • Advanced Performance and Quality Analyzers: Intel VTune Amplifier and Video Quality Caliper
  • Programmability: OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0, video motion estimation (VME) preview support
  • Includes: Flexible Encode Infrastructure (FEI) with limitations
  • Video Processing Filters: Deinterlacing, Resizing, Rotating, Cropping, Composition and Alpha Blending, Color Conversion, Denoising, Frame-Rate Conversion, Videosignal Info, Advanced Deinterlacing handling scene changes (Linux only), Mirroring (Windows only)
  • Premium Telecine Interlace Reverser: to convert telecined or interlaced video to progressive format, Screen capture (Windows Only) (Professional Edition)
  • Audio Codecs: AAC decode and encoder, MPEG decode (Professional Edition only)
  • Flexible Encode Infrastructure (FEI): an extension of Intel Media SDK that gives more control over encoding process compared to the standard Media SDK API; it is available for AVC encode only with limitations

Intel Media Server Studio Editions available:

Essentials Edition
Access hardware-accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on Intel processors through the Intel Media SDK, runtimes, graphics drivers, and more.
  • Cross Platform Support with Linux and Windows under a single Intel Media SDK.
  • H264 (AVC) Media Codec, Intel Media SDK and APIs provide access to media acceleration features such as hardware-accelerated video codecs, video processing filters, programmable graphics, and graphics drivers (using both Intel CPU/GPU) to maximise performance and server resources.
  • Essential tools and runtimes.
  • Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications (Linux / Windows) - assists with creating, building, debugging, and analysing OpenCL applications for the underlying architecture, providing in-depth analysis with visualisation and interactive mode, which is extremely useful for optimisation.
  • Metrics Monitor tool (Linux only) provides visibility into the GPU load metrics, utilisation stats for the hardware accelerators (i.e VDBOX, VEBOX), and GPU execution units.
  • Includes Intel Media SDK, Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications, runtimes, graphics drivers.
  • Intel Premier Support - providing direct access to Intel technical experts.

Professional Edition
For premium media performance, video quality, and compliance, the Professional Edition adds enterprise-quality HEVC and audio codecs, and advanced video quality analysis tools.

The Professional Edition has the same components as the Essentials Edition plus:
  • Industry standard and future media codecs: HEVC (H.265), Advanced Audio Codec (AAC), and MPEG-2. The tool provides HEVC software decoder and encoder, HEVC GPU accelerated encoder and GPU assist APIs for accelerating your own HEVC encoder on Intel HD Graphics.
  • Intel VTune Amplifier performance profiler for tuning media applications and finding media processing bottlenecks. Intel VTune Amplifier provides tools to quickly analyse and interpret data. Sort and filter the results and then display it for easy analysis on the timeline, the code source and on a GPU architecture diagram that shows VDBox, VEBox, EU utilisation, and bus bandwidth.
  • Premium Telecine Interlace Reverser (PTIR), a state-of-the-art converter, converts telecined and/or interlaced video to progressive format by removing redundancy and artifacts. It automatically performs needed processing, such as on telecined content it detects and reverses telecine patterns, and on interlaced content it performs high quality deinterlacing, resulting in video of progressive format, which can be efficiently compressed. PTIR is implemented as a plugin in the Professional Edition.
  • Video Quality Caliper provides efficient sequence-level inspection of the quality of encoded or decoded video streams. The tool provides objective metrics such as PSNR and SSIM, in addition to the ability for subjective inspection by allowing an interactive graphical interface.

System Requirements

Intel Media Server Studio supports the following platforms with integrated graphics:
  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v4 Family with C226 chipset
  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 and E3-1500 v5 Family with C236 chipset
  • 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors

Additionally, for Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 and v5 processors, support of software-only (CPU) HEVC decode and encode, select video pre-processing (CSC, scaling, DI), and virtualization (KVM, Xen) is available.

Operating Systems:
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • 64-bit Windows 8 (development only)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 with Service Pack 1 (Installer)
  • CentOS 7.2
  • Other Linux distributions through Generic OS model (Media Server Studio generally works on these OSs, however support is not provided for Linux distributions other than Gold OS). Other Linux distributions through generic OS model (Media Server Studio generally works on these operating systems; however, support is not provided for Linux distributions other than Gold OS). The installation process applies many changes to the kernel, graphics driver, libdrm, and libva graphics stack. These changes would need to be reverted to request OS vendor support.

Linux Kernel Supported Distributions: CentOS is the preferred OS. Versions and kernels supported vary based on the release. Please review Release Notes to find the correct kernel for the release you are using.


C++, OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0
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