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IPSWITCH AlertFox End User Monitoring

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IPSWITCH AlertFox End User Monitoring

Published By:  Ipswitch WhatsUp

Cloud-based solution for tracking website availability and performance

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AlertFox End-User Monitor helps track website availability and performance by synthetically monitoring web transactions from an end-user perspective. AlertFox can run tests directly in Firefox and Internet Explorer to monitor complicated steps. It allows you to test all your business critical and customer-facing Web applications from inside or outside your firewall.

Monitoring Features

  • Synthetic End User Monitoring
  • Multi-step transaction performance monitoring
  • True Browser Monitoring across popular Internet browsers
  • Verify web content and support for media apps (including Flash, Silverlight, AJAX, and video).
  • Flexible testing intervals
  • Choice of cloud-based and custom monitoring locations
  • On-demand testing
  • Unified inside and outside the firewall monitoring.

Reporting Features
  • Unified web-based reporting and dashboards
  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Performance trending of response time
  • Custom step-by-step reporting
  • Automatic capture of screen shots of errors or failures
  • Waterfall reports for all objects including component level details
  • Performance threshold setting
  • Real-time error reports along with daily, weekly and monthly status reports.

  • Alerts available on errors, thresholds and recovery
  • Unlimited contacts for notification
  • Real-time error alerting
  • E-mail & SMS based notification.

Browser support
  • Supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Ensure you deliver the highest quality end-user experience

  • Ensure customers and employees can successfully access and interact with mission-critical applications, such as your external websites (e.g. customer shopping carts, product catalogs) or your internal Web applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, account access)
  • Provide a quality web experience from start to finish.

Minimise application downtime and optimise application performance
  • Simplify troubleshooting tasks by visualising the errors your users see with AlertFox's Image Capture technology
  • Quickly zero-in on the root cause of a 'slow application' to the most granular level to resolve intermittent and unseen issues with your Web applications.

Increase efficiency across IT, internal users, partners, etc.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Web application problems faster
  • Immediately discover performance problems of your internal and external Web applications before receiving an initial customer or employee complaint.

Ensure productivity
  • Understand and report on the on-going performance of your internal and external Web applications
  • Provide actionable information to your line of business counterparts and communicate issues by routing alerts to the team as soon as possible.

PRO1: For Standard Websites

  • Run in 3 browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer and iMacros browser.
  • Global monitoring from distributed data centers in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Includes 2 tests per hour.
  • Silver level support.
  • Classic monitoring supports 10 sites/servers monitored (1-minute interval).

PRO2: For Complex Websites

Contains everything in the PRO1 package, plus:
  • Includes 5 tests per hour.
  • Monitor Flash, Silverlight, Java and AJAX websites.
  • Free iMacros Standard licence.
  • Classic monitoring supports 20 sites/servers monitored (1-minute interval).

PRO3: For Business Websites

Contains everything in the PRO2 package, plus:
  • Includes up to 10 tests running every 5 minutes.
  • Gold level support.
  • Free macros creation service.
  • Classic monitoring supports 30 sites/servers monitored (1-minute interval).
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