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Rational Quality Manager Express

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Rational Quality Manager Express

Published By:  IBM

Provides quality assurance teams with means to track all aspects of the quality assurance effort

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IBM Rational Quality Manager Express Edition is designed to help small to medium teams collaborate by allowing them to seamlessly share information, to use automation to accelerate project schedules, and to report on project metrics for informed release decisions.

  • Risk Based Testing to prioritise the features and functions to be tested based on priority and likelihood or impact of failure supporting best practices in Risk Management
  • Duplicate Defect Identification scans existing defects associated with a variety of related artifacts to present a list of suspect duplicates to to minimise duplicate team efforts
  • Advanced and Customised reporting that addresses the concerns and needs of business analysts and management
  • Built in ROI metrics reporting for test lab and test assets in compliance with Measured Capability Improvement Framework (MCIF)
  • Life cycle test plan which defines the roles, processes and deliverable ownership, automates the flow of work and assets
  • Tailors content and presents information via customisable dashboards
  • Enables collaboration for distributed teams through a Web 2.0 interface
  • Shared access to and traceability of assets throughout the lifecycle
  • Updated: Manual test authoring using rich text, inline images and assisted data entry and validation for precise test definition and execution
  • Helps users achieve optimised environment coverage through test execution schedules
  • Provides core test lab management capabilities to help users track and schedule lab assets
  • Central repository stores versioned history of test assets and templates for reuse
  • Support for small to medium teams of up to 5 members
  • Automated data collection with extensive filtered reporting

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