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Report Builder

Published By:  Gupta Technologies

ReportBuilder provides individuals with a quick and easy way to create attractive reports and ad-hoc queries for databases.

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¿Work Smarter: Today, most organizations face the challenge of getting more done with fewer resources. Report Builder enables employees to acquire information efficiently while improving their overall decision making processes through intelligent insight.
¿Access Accurate Information, Quickly: Due to its ease of use, Report Builder enables everyone within the organization to become a knowledge worker. In other words, an employee can run a meaningful report, specific to his job function, and better yet, without the aid of his IT department!
¿VARs and ISVs can easily enhance existing products and solutions with our intuitive, easy to use reporting tool: Report Builder can connect your customers to their internal data as a standalone reporting solution or come as an embedded component to your existing offering. Report Builder enables on-demand reporting to improve business IQ. Organizations, regardless of size, are always searching for key information that can be transformed into effective business intelligence.
¿Add Value to Your Existing Offering: Differentiate your solution and generate new revenue. Report Builder can easily be embedded into your existing solution or product and deployed.

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