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Fleet & Field Workforce Management

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Fleet & Field Workforce Management

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bring differentiated products to fleet customers quickly and easily

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Enterprise-grade location platform services, plus rich map and traffic content drive the telematics-powered fleet management solutions that give fleet managers the insights they need to make informed and timely decisions. With HERE you’ll have everything you need to bring differentiated products to fleet customers quickly and easily.

HERE provides the full set of tools needed to enable fleet management solutions with location data; advanced algorithms for planning and routing that factor in real-time traffic conditions; truck profiles, legal and physical restrictions; and hundreds of other attributes. We also provide tools for post-trip safety analysis of driver behavior, and cross-platform mobile SDKs to build immersive, native experiences across mobile devices.

Features included in Basic Offering
  • Geocoder
  • Maps (SLI, Traffic, Fleet, Static, Venue Images & Models)
  • Directions (Car, Ped., Public Transport Est. Routing, Toll Dist.)
  • Places
  • Custom Location Extension

Increased productivity

Optimize field teams by leveraging the HERE suite of services for efficient routing and job sequencing. Advanced routing from HERE can also reduce operational costs by factoring in fuel and toll cost information.

Improved customer service

Calculate, monitor, and dynamically communicate accurate ETAs based on routes and geofences, using real-time and predictive traffic conditions to meet SLAs.

Empower more complete field mobility

Use HERE Mobile SDKs to build field solutions that provide field workers with multi-modal routing, voice-guided navigation, augmented reality, access to weather and traffic, and integration with back-end ERP systems.

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