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Embarcadero InterBase 2017 Desktop

Published By:  Embarcadero

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Embarcadero® InterBase® 2017 is an encryptable, multiplatform, scalable database for developers that need to embed a low-cost, minimal admin, lightweight yet secure datase within their cross-platform applications.

Benefits include access control, data change management, as well as disaster recorvery and journaling. There is also support for database drivers, enabling increased deployment and flexibility.

Developers can provide the app with instant access to resources through hosting InterBase within the cloud, or ensure higher security and faster performance by keeping it local.

InterBase 2017 comes with 64bit server support for Linux and Windows. This is great for those migrating to Linux with RAD Studio.To improve development, testing as well as deployment options, you can easily move your databases between Linux and Windows.
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