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Idera DB Optimizer

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Idera DB Optimizer

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Automated SQL profiling and tuning for optimised performance

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Idera DB Optimizer is an automated SQL optimisation tool that maximises database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL code. DB Optimizer empowers DBAs and database developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by graphically profiling key metrics inside the database, relating resource utilisation to specific queries, and helping to visually tune problematic SQL.

Key benefits:

  • Streamline SQL tuning across major DBMSs like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase).
  • Tune SQL like a professional with automated performance optimisation suggestions.
  • Tackle complex SQL queries with visual SQL tuning diagrams.
  • Instantly identify performance performance bottlenecks using database profiling of wait-time analysis.
  • Simulate production environments to load test alternative SQL queries.

SQL Tuning

Multi-Platform Tuning Interface

Automate SQL tuning across all major DBMSs (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase) from a single common interface, and use the tool on all supported platforms from a single license. Streamline and automate common and repetitive tasks with an easy-to use GUI and powerful wizards.

Tuning Jobs

Create and run tuning jobs for a single statement or batch of statements. Tune all DML statements, stored routines and entire SQL files.

SQL Rewrites & Case Generation

SQL rewrites are suggested as part of the case generation in the SQL tuner as well as when you type in the SQL IDE. SQL rewrites and hint injection are used to generate all possible cases and find the best alternative to a given SQL statement.

Hint Injection

Customise the subset of hints to be considered for hint injection and alternative execution paths.

Explain Plan Cost

View the explain plan cost for each original statement and each generated case to give the user the expected cost given the execution path utilised by the database.

Visual SQL Tuning

The Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagram displays indexes and constraints on tables and views as well as the joins used in a SQL statement such as Cartesian joins, implied Cartesian joins and many-to-many relationships, with table statistics.

Index Analysis

The color-coded Index Analysis feature shows indexes that are used (green), not used (blue) or missing (orange) and offers indexing recommendations for optimum performance.

Execution Statistics

Run the SQL with alternative execution paths to discover the fastest running SQL statement, and apply the change at the click of a button.

Textual Comparison of Cases

A visual difference viewer helps the user spot the textual differences between any two SQL statements.

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