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DevInspect Java

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DevInspect Java

Published By:  HP

Simplify web security testing during development for Java

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HP DevInspect is application security software that simplifies security during development by automatically finding and fixing application vulnerabilities. This software helps you build secure web applications and services quickly and easily, without affecting schedules or requiring security expertise. For comprehensive web security testing, the Hybrid Analysis feature in HP DevInspect combines source code analysis with black-box testing in a single, cooperative process, helping you reduce false positives and find more application security defects.

Multiple analysis approaches

  • Get comprehensive security assessment for web applications and web services
  • Perform source code analysis and black box testing within a single product
  • Improve accuracy and results using the hybrid analysis approach
  • Receive vulnerability risk ratings based on impact and probability
  • Obtain remediation guidance tailored to your target environment
  • Download daily vulnerability test updates through SmartUpdate from expert HP security researchers
  • Find vulnerabilities exposed through third-party components

Automated vulnerability remediation
  • Pinpoint security defects in an application
  • Use SecureObjects, a coding library with advanced security features for new development
  • Fix vulnerable code automatically with SecureObjects
  • Identify and safeguard all application inputs
  • Correct insecure application configurations
  • Fix security defects exposed through third-party components

Advanced AJAX support
  • Perform thorough security analysis and automated code fixes for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) extensions applications
  • Support partial page rendered content within UpdatePanel controls
  • Perform run-time script interpretation and security analysis of Microsoft AJAX Library, JavaScript, VBScript and Flash
  • Discover ASP.NET AJAX web services calls and indepth security analysis of underlying JavaScript object notation (JSON) and SOAP web services

Application self-defense for ASP.NET
  • Combine white list and black list validation for input validation with advanced security features
  • Detect and prevent several types of attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting and buffer overflow
  • Inform operations when attacks are detected using security event logging through ASP.NET Health Monitoring
  • Protect your applications from brute force attacks using BruteProtector control

Security education for developers
  • Receive detailed security defect descriptions and exploit information
  • View in-depth defect reporting
  • Share security data about defects and how to fix them

Multiple integrations
  • Support integrations with leading integrated development environments (IDEs), Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, IBM Rational Application Developer 6 and 7, Eclipse 3.1 or higher
  • Use as a standalone, Eclipse-based tool
  • Support C#, Java, hypertext markup language (HTML), extensible markup language (XML), SOAP and JavaScript

Application lifecycle management
  • Manage security defects with application lifecycle management software
  • Manage and report on vulnerable work items and prevent check-in of insecure code when using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
  • Create and manage security defects directly from vulnerability results when using IBM Rational ClearQuest
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