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Rapid Recovery

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Rapid Recovery

Published By:  Quest Software International

Backup, replication and recovery for virtual, physical and cloud

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Rapid Recovery delivers a better way to protect Windows and Linux environments with fast backup and even faster replication and recovery. Working across VMs and physical servers, on-premise or remote, it delivers protection for business-critical applications including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint. All capabilities can easily be managed via a single web-based management console.

How is Rapid Recovery different?

TrueScale Architecture for data protection

TrueScale Architecture leverages a dynamic, multi-core pipeline storage system that scales linearly to store and manage data efficiently and deliver recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recover time objectives (RTOs) of minutes.

Global deduplication and compression

Inline deduplication and compression eliminates redundant data to save storage costs while optimising backups for WAN replication.

One interface for virtual and physical machines

Rapid Recovery combines technological innovation with ease of use to substantially reduce IT management and storage costs across every Windows and Linux machine in your IT environment. It backs up and recovers physical machines, and supports multiple hypervisor environments in private and public clouds.

Attractive total cost of ownership (TCO)

Rather than pay for and manage two or more unrelated software programs and costly add-on modules, Rapid Recovery 5 delivers all the data protection you need in one product, controlled with one interface.

Dell ProSupport

Get 24x7 phone access to expert back-up and recovery technicians around the clock and around the globe. Also included: Remote Installation Services to get you up and running with a minimum of effort and Remote Advisory Services so you can consult directly with a highly qualified, certified expert regarding upgrades or system updates.

Data off-siting and disaster recovery

WAN optimised replication

Rapid Recovery 5 includes WAN-optimised, deduplication-aware replication to efficiently move data off site to public or private clouds.

Rapid Recovery Smart Agent technology

Smart agents offer a number of advantages over both legacy agent- based and agentless technologies for VMs and physical servers. For instance, incremental-forever, changed-block tracking transmits only changed blocks from the protected disk volume to the Rapid Recovery core, which can result in up to a 10X reduction in bandwidth requirements for VMs and physical servers.

Data seeding

Getting data off site is a critical first step to prepare your company for disaster recovery. Rapid Recovery allows you to seed your baseline data to an offsite target core if the cores are separated by a slow or highly latent links.

Virtual standby

Create and maintain an up-to-date, bootable virtual standby VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V machine for fast disaster recovery of all your Windows workloads including Exchange®, SharePoint and SQL.

Fail-over and fail-back

Rapid Recovery supports fail-over and fail-back in replicated environments. Once the primary site is restored, the core can fail- back protection to the machines at the primary site.

Built-in replication workflows

Customers who wish to replicate to managed service providers can use built-in workflows that allow them to request connections and receive automatic feedback notifications.

Encrypted communications

Rapid Recovery uses the 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with cipher block chaining (CBC) algorithm compliant with SHA-3, to protect backups from unauthorised access or use.

Long term data retention


Rapid Recovery's Smart Archive feature enables long-term data retention for SLA and regulatory compliance.

Retention Policies

Highly flexible and granular backup retention policies can be customised easily for different business and compliance requirements without compromising availability or the integrity of backups.

Innovative technologies protect Windows environments

Live Recovery

Recover the use of a Windows server to any location from the backup file directly onto any virtual or physical machine without having to wait to extract the full backup to production storage. Choose from as many as 288 recovery points a day to deliver an RPO of minutes.

Recovery Assure

Detects the presence of Microsoft Exchange and SQL and its respective databases and log files, then carries out a nightly test to confirm that database application backups are fully recoverable. If any backup fails this test, a notification is automatically sent so you can resolve the problem immediately.

Universal Recovery

Recover data and application to any VM or server. Rapid Recovery enables one of the fastest and most flexible recovery procedures possible taking just minutes, not hours or days, with a near-zero RPO. AppAssure provides your choice of full bare-metal recovery to dissimilar hardware and VM servers or granular recovery of individual objects, applications, files or messages.

Linux System Protection

Cuts backup windows and speeds restores

Rapid Recovery cuts Linux backup windows from hours to just minutes, so you can create more recovery point objectives and restore in minutes, to deliver superior recovery time objectives:

  • Continually protects multiple servers per Rapid Recovery core
  • Linux server bare-metal restores and disaster recovery
  • Web-based interface that is easy to use.

Continual snapshots for outstanding recovery point objective (RPO) granularity

Snapshot technology essentially eliminates backup windows with disk-to-disk backups comprised of an initial full backup followed by incremental forever backups. Administrators can back up a server as frequently as every 15 minutes, creating many RPOs to choose from.

Centralised backup

Rapid Recovery simplifies administration by managing your Linux servers from the same Web-based central management console used to manage your Windows machines.

Fast recoveries

Rapid Recovery bare metal restores take only minutes to complete, rather than the hours required to complete manual system rebuilds and lengthy file restores.

Data retention

Rapid Recovery archiving provides long-term, low-cost backup archive data retention for SLA and regulatory compliance. Archive data is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted to maximize disk use and can span multiple devices.


Management functions include:

  • A Central Management Console that simplifies the process of managing and reporting on Rapid Recovery Cores distributed across an environment. It provides role-based access to objects that users can access in an Rapid Recovery environment. Rapid Recovery features comprehensive reporting for all protected machines - virtual or physical - across all your sites.
  • A Service management API that provides programmatic access to all of the functionality available through the Management Console. The management REST API can be used for managing your services and deployments. PowerShell scripting helps administrators automate administration and management of AppAssure 5 resources. A license portal provides easy-to-use tools for managing license entitlements. Event log monitoring and management effectively logs and alerts administrators about the state of completion for ongoing tasks. Administrators can create group notifications based on servers, tasks or events.

Virtualisation and cloud

VMware, Hyper-V, and XenServer support

Rapid Recovery can create ad hoc or continuous exports of any protected or replicated machine to VMware, Hyper-V, or XenServer. With continuous exports, a virtual machine is incrementally updated after every snapshot so a standby clone is ready to power up with a click of a button. Rapid Recovery also adds clustering support for VMware and Hyper-V environments.

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