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Citrix XenServer

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Citrix XenServer

Published By:  Citrix Systems Inc.

Powerful server virtualisation platform

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Citrix XenServer is a complete, managed server virtualisation platform built on the powerful Xen hypervisor. Xen technology is widely acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualisation software in the industry. XenServer is designed for efficient management of Windows and Linux virtual servers and delivers cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.

Datacenter Automation

  • Site recovery - Provides site-to-site disaster recovery planning and services for virtual environments. Site Recovery is easy to set up, fast to recover, and has the ability to frequently test to ensure disaster recovery plans remain valid.
  • High availability - Automatically restarts virtual machines if a failure occurs at the VM, hypervisor, or server level. The auto restart capability allows users to protect all virtualised applications and bring higher levels of availability to the business.
  • Dynamic workload balancing - Improves system utilisation and increases application performance by automatically balancing to virtual machines within a resource pool. Workload balancing intelligently places VMs on the most suitable host in the resource pool by matching application requirements to available hardware resources.
  • Host power management - Takes advantage of embedded hardware features to lower datacenter electricity consumption by dynamically consolidating VMs on fewer systems and then powering off underutilised servers as demand for services fluctuates.
  • VM protection & recovery - Utilising an easy set-up wizard, administrators can create snapshot and archival policies. Regularly scheduled snapshots help to protect against data loss in case of a VM failure. The policies established are based on snapshot type, frequency, amount of historical data that is retained, and an archive location. Recovering a VM is completed by simply choosing the last good known archive.
  • Memory optimisation - Reduces costs and improves application performance and protection by sharing unused server memory between VMs on the host server.

Advanced Integration and Management

  • StorageLink - Citrix StorageLink provides integration with leading network storage platforms which enables storage managers to leverage existing data management tools to maintain consistent management processes for both physical and virtual environments. Key data management processes can be instantiated from a single StorageLink interface.
  • Distributed virtual switching - Create a multi-tenant, highly secure and extremely flexible network fabric that allows VMs to move freely within the network while maintaining security and control. Distributed virtual switching bridges subnets to provide stateful migration of VMs between networks and between on-premise and cloud networks without manual intervention.
  • Lab manager with self service portal - Reduces the complexity, time, and cost of developing, maintaining, and delivering applications by providing access to administrator defined virtual environments through a predefined set of workflows.
  • Web self service with delegated administration - A simple web-based console IT administrators can use to delegate individual VM rights to application owners and application owners can use to manage day to day operations of their VM's . Building on the Self-Service Portal, Web Self-Service allows for the daily management of VMs from any location on any computer.
  • Provisioning services - Reduce storage requirements by creating a set of golden images which can be streamed to both physical and virtual servers for fast, consistent, and reliable application deployments.
  • Role-based administration - Role-based administration improves security and enables delegated access, control, and usage of XenServer pools by maintaining a tiered access structure with varying levels of permissions.
  • Heterogeneous pools - Enables resource pools to contain servers with different processor types, and support full XenMotion, high availability, workload balancing, and shared storage functionality.
  • Performance reporting and alerting - Receive immediate notification with historical reporting of VM performance to enable the rapid identification and diagnosis of fault or failure in the virtual infrastructure.

High Performance Virtual Infrastructure

  • XenServer - Based on the open-source design of Xen, XenServer is a highly reliable, available, and secure virtualisation platform that utilises a 64-bit architecture to provide near native application performance and unmatched virtual machine density.
  • XenCenter multi-server management - Citrix XenCenter provides all the VM monitoring, management, and general administration functions in a single interface including configuration, patch management, and virtual machine libraries.
  • XenMotion - Citrix XenMotion eliminates the need for planned downtime by enabling active virtual machines to be moved to a new host with no application outages or downtime.
  • Intellicache - XenServer is optimised to reduce the overall costs and improve performance of a XenDesktop installation. By using local storage as a repository for boot images and non-persistent or temporary data, XenServer can reduce virtual desktop boot times, decrease network volume and traffic, and save on total storage costs for a XenDesktop installation.
  • Conversion tools - Convert physical and virtual servers (P2V and/or V2V) for faster setup and migration making the transformation to XenServer nearly instantaneous. The conversion tools included in XenServer can convert any physical server or desktop workload and existing virtual machines to a XenServer virtual machine.

Free Edition

Proven virtualisation platform that delivers uncompromised performance, scale, and flexibility at no cost.

  • XenServer hypervisor
  • IntelliCache
  • Resilient distributed management architecture
  • VM disk snapshot and revert
  • XenCenter management
  • Conversion tools
  • XenMotion live Migration

Advanced Edition

Key high availability and advanced management tools that take virtual infrastructure to the next level. Includes all the above, and:

  • Distributed virtual switching
  • Heterogeneous pools
  • High availability
  • Memory optimisation
  • Performance alerting and reporting

Enterprise Edition

Essential integration and optimisation capabilities for production deployments of virtual machines. Includes all the above, and:

  • Dynamic workload balancing
  • Host power management
  • Live memory snapshot and revert
  • Provisioning services (virtual)
  • Role-based administration
  • StorageLink
  • Web self-service with delegated admin

Platinum Edition

Advanced automation and cloud computing features for enterprise-wide virtual environments. Includes all the above, and:

  • Automated VM protection and recovery
  • Lab manager with self-service portal
  • Provisioning services (physical)
  • Site recovery

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