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Citrix GoToWebinar

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Citrix GoToWebinar

Published By:  Citrix Systems Inc.

Webinars Made Easy, Anytime, Anywhere.

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GoToWebinar is a great tool to have within your organisation. Engage and present to hundreds, and give better leads to your sales team.

Create webinars easily whether it is for internal use for employees, for training and demos, or for marketing purposes, informing attendees about your products and/or services. GoToWebinar enables you to present engaging, professional webinars from anywhere at any time. Ensure the professionalism and success of your webinar through practicing beforehand, and easily change presenters and panellists within the live webinar.

Record your webinars to review and share later, plus send to those who could not attend. Access reports to monitor the success of your webinar, where you can look at things like number of attendees, how long they engaged for, plus much more. Get feedback from your attendees through live polls and surveys that you send afterwards. Ensure attendance, retention and engagement with automated email templates, making your job easier, saving you time, and ensuring lead nurturing.

For more information about GoToWebinar, plus if you want to arrange a demo with an expert, call 01364 654100.
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