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Citrix GoToAssist

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Citrix GoToAssist

Published By:  Citrix Systems Inc.

Remote support made easy.

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Citrix GoToAssist is a comprehensive and secure remote-support solution that helps businesses increase revenue and reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction and problem resolution times.

GoToAssist provides the best overall customer experience delivered on demand. No hardware or software is required, so your organisation can be up and running without delay. Technicians can connect to end users typically in 20 seconds or less with no complications or firewall hassles. Once in session, GoToAssist provides real-time screen refresh using highly effective data-compression algorithms and patented session-brokering and session-maintenance technology.

Call 01364 654100 for more information.

Multiple connection methods

It only takes a few seconds for your representative to connect to customers with GoToAssist. Customers can request technical support by calling a contact centre or by visiting a company’s website.

Representatives can invite customers to join a support session by entering a connection code at a website or by selecting a representative from a list.

Customers request support from a website form or button. Intelligent routing technology offers customizable methods for assigning requests to reps. Customers are then invited to join a full screen sharing support session or a FastChat chat-only support session. Chat support sessions can be transferred to another rep with screen-sharing capabilities.

Online queue: Intelligent routing technology automatically sends customer inquiries to the appropriate support department and creates a queue for the next available representative.

Screen sharing and remote control: The representative can view and control the end user’s desktop even in multi-monitor desktop environments. Representatives can also display their screen to customers.

Team collaboration: A representative can invite additional experts to collaborate in a single GoToAssist Corporate session. Invited representatives can be visible or invisible to the end user.

Mac & PC support: PC-based representatives can view or control Mac or PC users’ desktops. (Some features are not available on the Mac platform.)

Mobile device support: Deliver fast, secure support to Android devices.

Multi-sessions: Your representative can support up to 8 customers at a time. Customer sessions can be viewed side by side in separate on-screen windows or in tabs.

Remote diagnostic: Collect system information, including operating system details, total and available memory, applications and services currently running, and more - with just one click.

File transfer: Instantly exchange files and folders to apply patches, send URLs and updates or receive log files from the end user.

Reboot/reconnect: Restart the end user’s system and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress. Private password storage lets you reboot when the end user is away.

Log in as administrator: IT help desk representatives with administrative privileges can remotely log in to an end user’s computer to perform system administrative tasks.

In-session chat: Each rep can chat with up to 8 customers at a time.

Web chat: Reps can instantly support customers in a download-free chat interface. The chat session can be escalated to full screen-sharing remote support.

Session transfer: A representative can seamlessly transfer a session directly to another representative or to an entire support team for faster resolution and to reduce the need to schedule callbacks.

Annotation tools: Your representative and end user can draw, highlight or type on each other’s screens to show exactly where the problem is or explain how to resolve the issue.

Administrative Tools

Management center: Manage, measure and evaluate team, sub-team and individual representative metrics, chat session logs and real-time reports.

Manager’s dashboard: Monitor incoming queries and teams, sub-teams or representatives at a glance in real time through your personalized dashboard to ensure team performance goals are being met.

Session recording: Session recordings can be used for evaluation, training and archival purposes, enabling compliance with government and industry regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Manager silent monitoring: Managers can silently observe a live remote session in progress, ensuring that representatives are properly following prescribed support procedures.
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