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Citrix Branch Repeater VPX

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Citrix Branch Repeater VPX

Published By:  Citrix Systems Inc.

Control and optimise desktops and applications for branch and mobile users, available as a simple virtual appliance

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Citrix Branch Repeater makes it easy to accelerate, control and optimise services such as desktops, applications and multimedia for branch and mobile users. Citrix Branch Repeater VPX offers a fully transparent, end-to-end and service-centric WAN optimisation solution for any network and is packaged up as a simple virtual appliance. With SmartAcceleration and user-centric XenDesktop prioritisation you get brilliant quality of experience (QoE) and availability across your organisation to reduce the consumption and cost of bandwidth - and help you lower service delivery TCO.


Guarantee quality of service and experience by assessing network usage, classifying apps and services traffic, controlling bandwidth consumption using granular L2 ¿ L7 policies, monitoring network congestion and delays affecting user experience, and remediating problems quickly to minimise support calls. Identify and prioritise virtual desktops and virtual apps to a branch based on user group (desktop group) and published application.

HDX WAN optimisation technology

Reduce costs and support up to four times more users of virtual apps and desktops by caching and optimising ICA and storing streamed application packages on Branch Repeater appliances in branch offices. Identify and prioritise virtual desktops and virtual apps to a branch based on user group (desktop group) and published application. Adaptive technologies orchestrate service delivery across your network to ensure the best user experience.

Application acceleration

Accelerate any TCP-based application, including file transfers, e-mail, SSL, ERP, CRM, CAD, data backup and replication, and prioritise mission-critical traffic to align bandwidth utilisation with business needs and maximise WAN throughput. Optimise Microsoft applications such as File Sharing (SMBv2, Signed SMB v1/v2), Exchange (Encrypted MAPI and Exchange 2010) and SharePoint (HTTP/HTTPS).

Flexible and centralised management

The unified Citrix Command Center console provides IT teams with centralised control, configuration and maintenance of the entire Branch Repeater infrastructure. System-wide monitoring generates real-time and historical reports and alerts administrators when performance falls below acceptable thresholds. A centralised Citrix License Server simplifies deployments, management and license allocation for branch offices.

Plug-and-play for any network

Remote appliance auto-discovery immediately identifies and optimises common enterprise traffic to speed up branch startup time. Full network transparency and multiple deployment options, such as high availability pairs, ensure reliability and preserve TCP/IP headers, VLAN tags and QoS markings.

Security and data protection

Accelerate encrypted XenDesktop and XenApp traffic (Basic, Advanced/RC5, SSL) and secure web applications (HTTPS) while maintaining the highest levels of security. Encrypt disk compression history using AES-256 to prevent theft of sensitive data and to comply with security mandates and regulations. Branch Repeater interoperates with Citrix Access Gateway appliances and the secure access plug-in for Citrix Receiver to optimise all traffic within the secure VPN for remote and mobile users.

Citrix Branch Repeater VPX requirements

XenServer 5.5 environment
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60GB disk space
  • 2 virtual NICs
  • 1 virtual CPU

VMware vSphere 4.1 environment
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60GM disk space
  • 2 virtual NICs
  • 2 virtual CPUs.
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