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Published By:  EldoS Corporation

Components for digital security and Internet data transfer which you use in automation of Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

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BizCrypto secures your data in storage and in transit by offering components (adapters and pipelines for Microsoft BizTalk Server, tasks and connections for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services), that help you securely store and transfer information in your business automation processes.

  • Comprehensive solution that covers all popular application-level Internet protocols and security algorithms and standards. From regular FTP to SFTP to AS2 and AS3, from password-based encryption to sophisticated XML digital signing and encryption, you get everything in one package.
  • Maintained solution which is reviewed and improved on a regular basis to guarantee reliable security and highest possible speed of operations.
  • Supported solution that gives you, valued customer, insurance of getting free assistance when you use the components and when you need to address some problem.
  • Reliable solution built on top of the SecureBlackbox security components. Strict conformance to standards and easy-to-use interfaces guarantee that the otherwise complicated task of providing true security is easy to accomplish with SecureBlackbox and BizCrypto.
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