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Reflection For Secure IT Client for Windows [Commercial - Upgrade]

Published By:  Attachmate Corporation

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Using FTP to transmit private data over the public Internet is like sending a postcard through the mail. Anyone can intercept it. Anyone can read it. And anyone can misuse the information it contains. Reflection for Secure IT, Attachmate's SSH-based secure file transfer solution, ensures that your data reaches its final destination safely and efficiently. Here's how:

Reduce Hacker Attacks
Replace FTP and Telnet with Reflection for Secure IT

FTP and Telnet are dangerously nonsecure. They transmit data in the clear, making it easy for hackers to cause irreparable damage. SSH-based Reflection for Secure IT minimizes that risk'by securing file transfers and remote system access over internal and external networks.

Secure Internet file transfers
With Reflection for Secure IT, you can confidently exchange private files with business partners and customers over the Internet.

Automated file transfers
With Reflection for Secure IT, you can use scripting and APIs to automate and schedule repetitive file transfers.

Compliant file transfers
With Reflection for Secure IT, you can facilitate compliance with PCI, Basel II, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other security mandates via the latest encryption, authentication, and audit logging technologies.

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