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Atlassian Clover

Published By:  Atlassian Software Systems Pty Ltd

Code Coverage analysis application

Product Variants

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New Features

Clover is designed to measure code coverage in a way that fits seamlessly with your current development environment and practices, whatever they may be. Clover's IDE Plugins provide developers with a way to quickly measure code coverage without having to leave the IDE. Clover's Ant and Maven integrations allow coverage measurement to be performed in Automated Build and Continuous Integration systems, and reports generated to be shared by the team. Clover measures three basic types of coverage analysis: Statement Statement coverage measures whether each statement is executed. Branch Branch coverage (sometimes called Decision Coverage) measures which possible branches in flow control structures are followed. Clover does this by recording if the boolean expression in the control structure evaluated to both true and false during execution. Method Method coverage measures if a method was entered at all during execution.

Fully integrated test and coverage results
Clover 2.0 reports fully integrate the results of your latest test run, including pass/fail status, time taken, and error messages. Browse the test results for each package and drill down to see results for test suites and individual test case runs.

Coverage reporting per test
Clover 2.0 takes Coverage Analysis to a new level by not just showing you what code is covered by your tests, but also which tests hit what code. Drill down to a particular class to see the exact statements a particular test or set of tests covered. For each test case, you can jump straight to the source code for that test. If the test failed, Clover will link to the source line where the failure occurred.

'Coverage Clouds' show project hotspots
New 'Coverage Cloud' reports give you an instant view of the classes needing attention in your project. The Quick Wins Coverage Cloud shows you the classes on which to focus your testing effort to quickly increase the overall coverage score for the project. The Project Risks Coverage Cloud highlights the classes that contain the most complex untested code and thus represent the highest risk to the project.

Smarter reporting than ever
All report data is now client-side sortable. In-page controls let you select from which tests you want to see coverage. Java source rendering provides cross-referenced linking for easy navigation between classes and up and down package hierarchies. Methods are collapsible with inline method-level coverage stats. At any source line a pop-up will report which tests executed that line, and whether they passed or failed. Drill down to see a detailed report for each test, including the test source.

As well as the follwoing features
  • Per-method coverage statistics
  • Complexity statistics
  • Simplified Ant tasks
  • Integrated historical reporting
  • Aggregate package statistics
  • Configurable report columns, column formats and column thresholds
  • Improved runtime coverage recording performance
  • New runtime configuration options to control coverage recording
  • Completely rewritten Eclipse plugin

Code coverage
Improve test quality ¿ and increase your testing productivity.

Eclipse plugin
Instrument your code and view coverage statistics from within the Eclipse IDE.

Your time is precious. Clover helps you identify where to best spend your testing effort.

Test insight
Whatever your testing regime, Clover provides intelligent insight into the results.

Continuous automation
Add coverage reporting to your automated build process.

The best of both worlds
Real-time coverage reporting and historical metrics reporting.

Developer workflow
Use Clover interactively on the development desktop.

Focus your coverage analysis on what matters to you most.

Clover integrates with your favourite development tools.

For your convenience, Clover is packed with handy time-savers
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