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Incorporate industrial-strength text retrieval technology into your own applications with royalty-free and royalty based licensing to suit applications from a single-server to high volume distribution in your own products. Supports .NET, Java and C++ on Windows and Java and C++ on Linux.

Unparalleled Intelligent Searching

  • Provides API access to over two dozen precision search options: Search features include synonym/concept/thesaurus, fuzziness adjustable from 0 to 10, boolean, phrase, wildcard, proximity, stemming, numeric range, regular expressions, natural language relevancy-ranked by hit density and rarity, and variable term weighting.
  • Search features can be used alone or in almost any combination (regardless of complexity).
  • Uses proprietary indexing and searching algorithms engineered for scalability. Indexed search time is generally less than a second. Indexing is optimised to maintain consistent speed over even the largest document collections.
  • Includes unindexed search options for filtering purposes.

Instant Support for Multiple File Types
  • Automatically supports PDF, HTML, XML, word processor, database, spreadsheet, e-mail, ZIP, and more.
  • Built-in Unicode support
  • Highlights hits and provides multiple hit and document navigation options in all supported file types. For HTML and PDF files, hits are highlighted on the original document, so all embedded links, images, and formatting appear exactly as in the original document.
  • For other file types, built-in HTML converters generate HTML for hit highlighted display in a Web browser.

Extensive Field and Database Support
  • Automatically supports fields, document properties, and summary information (along with full-text searching) in HTML, PDF, MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Complete hierarchical field structures in XML for searching limited to specific combinations of fields and sub-fields (as well as full-text).
  • Sample ADO database indexing application provides indexing and searching of SQL and other data sources.
  • Hit highlighting, as well as multiple hit and file navigation options, in all of the above.

Other Data Input/Output Support
  • Search results serialisation as an XML or URL-encoded stream.
  • Data source API for supplying plain text or binary documents directly to the indexing engine.
  • External File Parser API for the addition of custom file formats via an external DLL.
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