Introduction to
Intel® oneAPI

Technical Webinar for Software Developers in HPC, AI & C++

Wednesday 2 December 2020. 10am – 12pm GMT

Intel® oneAPI was officially launched during SuperComputing ’20.

The Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are the next-generation software development tools from Intel, following and replacing the Intel® Parallel Studio XE toolkits.

Join us on this webinar and learn about the fundamentals of oneAPI, and how the Intel® oneAPI toolkits deliver all the tools you need to develop and deploy high-performance applications across diverse architectures – including CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and other accelerators.

This technical webinar will be presented by experts and consultants from Bayncore, who are members of the Intel® oneAPI Technology Partner program. We’ll also have Grey Matter’s Intel Software licensing expert on hand to answer any licensing queries you may have.

Agenda topics

The webinar on Wednesday 2 December 2020 at 10am GMT will cover the following topics:

  • The Intel®oneAPI toolkits: Learn about the different tookits and how they can be used in multiple domains including HPC, IoT, Data Science, and AI.
  • Portability and re-use: See how you can ‘write once, execute anywhere’ with programs using Data Parallel C++ (DPC++).
  • Porting GPU code to oneAPI: Learn how to use the Intel® CPC++ Compatibility Tool and the Intel Advisor to help port CUDA* code to oneAPI.
  • Running your code/experiments on the Intel DevCloud: See how to use the DevCloud, a free development sandbox with access to the latest hardware from Intel and Intel® oneAPI software. We’ll show how to build, run and profile a number of oneAPI applications using the latest tools from Intel®.
  • You need more in-depth training or technical consulting services? There will be a short overview of the Intel® oneAPI Technology Partner program and Bayncore’s credentials and service offering with success stories around HPC and AI projects.


Who should attend this webinar?

Software developers, C++ programmers, HPC and AI professionals interested in seeing the latest development in performance, portability and cross-architecture deployment of real-world applications.

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About Bayncore

Bayncore is a leading provider of training and consultancy in HPC and AI and is a member of the Intel® oneAPI Technology Partner program.

About Grey Matter

Grey Matter is an Intel® Software Elite Reseller with an Intel® Software licensing expert who can provide licensing and advice. We specialise in supporting developers and ISVs and have done since our beginnings in 1983. We understand your challenges and needs.