Manage all your conversations, files and tools in one workspace that’s adaptable for every working style.

Bringing together remote workers, off-site meetings, flexible schedules and multiple communication channels in one place has never been easier.   


Finance needs to be able to effectively collaborate across departments to set budgets and manage spends. They also need to ensure that confidential information is kept that way. Microsoft Teams provides a central and secure hub for documentation from OneDrive, Office 365 and SharePoint protected by two-factor authentication, single sign-on through Active Directory and encryption of data in transit and at rest.  

5 ways Microsoft Teams will improve your day if you’re in Finance

Access Power BI dashboards and third-party applications such as project management tools and financial newsfeeds in one place. 

Receive notifications in Teams from the budget tracking app about revenue gaps or any other alerts that you have set, always stay up to date. 

Proactively manage budgets and spend with the ability to co-author Excel budget sheets in real-time across departments. 

Set up private channels and use information barriers to safeguard internal information or restrict communicationspreventing specific interactions with members external to the department 

Easily report on audit events with Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre. Set alerts, export workload specific events and more 

Need more customisation to fit with your finance processes?

Get your techies involved. With the Teams developer platform, you can build custom integrations to match your existing business processes.

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Collaborate on items in external systems – push information into Teams, pull information on demand, make an embedded web view available 

Trigger workflows from conversations – like send document to budget holder 

Notify your team of important payments   

Embed functionality from other sites and services 

The cost of ineffective collaboration: 

Less Agile – takes longer to make and execute decisions 

Lower quality – incomplete data and fewer viewpoints means that meaningful decision making becomes less successful  

Reduced innovation – lack of information sharing means discoveries aren’t leveraged in other areas 

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