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30-day Trial

The vSphere Optimisation Assessment is a 30-day trial that allows you to evaluate
VMware vSphere with Operations Management or VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite.

We will install the software, monitor and collect data for a few weeks, at no cost to you. At the end of the trial,
we will present you with your customised vSphere Optimisation Assessment Report. This report will
clearly illustrate how you can improve your virtual environment’s efficiency, manage risks and improve health.

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Rethink your approach to virtualisation management

To be proactive in ensuring higher performance and availability of infrastructure and applications, IT departments need to take a different approach to virtualisation management. They need to provide solutions at the speed their businesses operate, quickly delivering reliable services and applications while being more flexible to business requests. In the face of constantly changing business demands, ask yourself these questions:

Is your infrastructure designed for
secure delivery of cloud, mobile,
social, and big data applications?

Do you have centralized visibility into
your infrastructure—across the
entire stack and leveraging all types
of monitoring data?

Consistent management and automation of the virtual data center are critical to supporting business growth. The most successful IT organisations are strategic partners to their businesses rather than cost centers, delivering not just operational efficiency, but also improving the way business operates and adding value and differentiation along the way.

Optimise your virtualised environment through vSphere with Operations Management

VMware vSphere with Operations Management helps you optimise your infrastructure efficiency and IT productivity, so you can free up resources for more meaningful projects. Designed for businesses of all sizes to run applications at high service levels and maximize hardware savings, vSphere with Operations Management addresses key topics that you care about.

Powerful server virtualization

Virtualise your x86 server resources and aggregate them into logical pools for allocation of multiple workloads.

Consistent management

Maximise the benefits of your virtual data center with unified, easy-to-use operations management.

Intelligent operations

Intelligent operations management adapts to your specific environment, giving you better insights in time to take proactive action.

Automation with control

Safely automate infrastructure management with guided remediation and customisable actions, while always staying in control.

Explore how you can optimise your virtual infrastructure; review the infographic, "Choosing the Most Insightful Operations Management Solution."

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"vSphere with Operations Management helps us make sure that our apps and data are always running optimally for our business."
— IT Admin at healthcare company

Explore vSphere with Operations Management

Review these resources to learn how vSphere with Operations Management can help you optimize your IT infrastructure. With consistent management that delivers intelligent operations from apps to storage, as well as automation with control, find out how this solution can help you drive business forward.

Find out how you can address your top challenges in the infographic, "Your 7 Key IT Challenges Solved."

Download (1.1mb) >>

Discover how you can make the most of your environment in the white paper, "Five Reasons to Take Your Virtualisation Environment to a New Level."

Download (320kb) >>

See what you're missing by using vSphere alone in the infographic, "There Are Three Things Your Old Version of vSphere Doesn't Do."

Download (997kb) >>

Learn how to optimise your infrastructure in the technical guide, "Top 10 Tech Tips for VMware vSphere with Operations Management."

Download (391kb) >>

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