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VMware vRealize Operations Overview.

Traditional operations management systems do not meet the requirements of today’s virtual and cloud infrastructure.

They make IT too reactive because they lack the intelligence to aggregate, correlate, and analyse metrics across applications and infrastructure stacks.

VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) is built on a scale-out, resilient platform designed to deliver intelligent operational insights to simplify and automate management of applications and infrastructure across virtual, physical and cloud environments - from vSphere to Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more.


With vROps, you can improve performance, avoid disruption, and become more efficient with comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure - in one place.

The stuff of IT dreams.

VMware vROps builds on the market leading features of vSphere, with:

  • Enhanced intelligence and unified management for IT Operations - across physical, virtual and cloud - for a true 360 degrees view
  • Boosted performance and availability - with integrated performance and health monitoring from storage to applications - with predictive analytics, smart alerts and guided remediation
  • Greater efficiencies via predictive analytics, automated capacity optimisation and planning, and intelligent workload placement and balancing.

Business benefits include:

  • 53% reduction in IT costs
  • 54% decrease in downtime
  • 30% more visibility
  • More than double your ROI.

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vROps is available in three editions:

Standard - Intelligent vSphere operations management for businesses of all sizes, correlating data across the entire vSphere environment in a unified management tool. Performance and capacity optimisation with predictive analytics, smart alerts and policy-based automation.

Advanced - As above, plus extensibility to third-party services such as Hyper-V, Amazon and more; and with customisable displays and reporting.

Enterprise - Includes all the features of Advanced, plus capabilities for:
1) managing business critical applications, middleware and databases.
2) OS-level configuration, change and regulatory compliance management.

Get started.

VMware vRealize Operations enables fast response to business needs, without sacrificing security or control; helping you to deliver zero-touch infrastructure with built-in availability, scalability and performance guarantees for all business-critical applications.

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