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Symantec Licensing

Symantec Licensing Bandings

Express Licensing

The Express Programme simplifies licensing and is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that do not want the complexities of contracts.

  • Band S: 1+ licenses
  • Band A: 5-24 licenses
  • Band B: 25-49 licenses
  • Band C: 50-99 licenses
  • Band D: 100-249 licenses
  • Band E: 250-499 licenses
  • Band F: 500+ licenses

Rewards Licensing (points based)

The Rewards Programme, for medium and large businesses, decentralises purchasing and provides predictable pricing, streamlined procurement and volume purchasing incentives.

  • Band A: 6,000-11,999 points
  • Band B: 12,000-19,999 points
  • Band C: 20,000-49,999 points
  • Band D: 50,000-99,999 points
  • Band E: 100,000+ points

Government Licensing/ Academic Licensing

Government licensing/ Academic licensing (separate schemes) provides volume licensing pricing for qualified government entities/ qualified academic entities and charities without requiring a formal contract or commitments.

  • Band S: 1+ Licenses
  • Band A: 5+ Licenses

Academic Subscription Licensing

Offers government-approved academic institutions volume licence purchase options for certain Symantec products on a subscription basis.

  • Band A: 250-499 Licenses
  • Band B: 500-999 Licenses
  • Band C: 1,000-4,999 Licenses
  • Band D: 5,000-9,999 Licenses
  • Band E: 10,000+ Licenses

For further information on Symantec licensing, please contact us on +44 (0)1364 654100.