Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Audio Conferencing Discounts

Microsoft has announced that from 1 November 2020 to 30 April 2021, new and renewal subscriptions of Microsoft 365 Business Voice with and without Calling Plan will be subject to discount pricing.

What are the discounts?

  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice with Calling Plan will be subject to a 25% discount for 12 months
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice without Calling Plan will be subject to a 33% discount for 12 months
  • CSP Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing Promo is free for 12 months

Who do these discounts affect?

  • Net new customer tenants
  • Existing customer tenants who don’t have active or recently cancelled (within the last 30 days) subscriptions on any Business Voice or Audio Conferencing license on CSP, Web Direct, or any other Microsoft commercial channels

Terms and conditions apply.

Embarcadero Special Offers

The celebrate the 26th Delphi anniversary, you can benefit from 26% off all editions of RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and InterBase.This offer ends 28 February 2021.

Terms and conditions apply.

Call + 44 (0) 1364 655 123 or buy your licence on our web shop.

Head to our Embarcadero page for more information about the Embarcadero product range. Email us if you have any questions.

Sophos Hardware Discount

Existing Sophos customers get up to 100% off a new hardware appliance purchased in combination with
a two-year (50% off hardware) or three-year renewal
subscription (100% off hardware) for FullGuard,
FullGuard Plus, or EnterpriseGuard Plus.

Terms and conditions apply.

Offer ends 30th March 2021.

Head to our Sophos page to find out more about the Sophos security solutions available.

Azure Sponsorship Credit

As an Azure Specialist for ISV Partner, (1 of 3 in the UK), we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer ISVs wanting to build their solution or a new project on Azure sponsorship credit for proof of concept deployments.

If you can identify potential usage of at least £2,000 a month on Azure you could be eligible for Azure proof of concept credit worth 10% of your predicated usage. This would be made available to you over a 60-day period. If you’re unsure how to estimate your usage, book a 30-minute Azure Discovery Session with us and we can help.

This is available until the end of March.

Apply now!

Power Apps Promo

Microsoft has released a Power Apps per app plan promotion costing £2.30 per user per month, reduced from £7.50.

The offer requires a minimum of 200 seats and is available to purchase as a 12-month term. That’s a saving of over £12,000 on 200 users for 12 months.

The deadline to take advantage of this promo is 30 June 2021. Find it on our CSP marketplace GMCirrus.

Veeam Waive Backdated Maintenance

Renew your support and maintenance contract with us and benefit from significant savings by:

  • Instantly waiving the backdated maintenance fee! The new support contract will start from the date of the new renewal order, not from the expiration date of the current licence.
  • Having access to deep expertise to help optimise performance and resolve issues through three telephone support cases.

Offer ends 31 March 2021.

Terms and conditions apply.

Upgrade to Veeam Universal Licence

Migrate your perpetual licences to Veeam Universal Licence today and get these benefits:

  • Universal: VUL is now fully‑featured — no more editions to juggle.
  • Simple: No more confusing weighting tables, as every workload consumes one licence.
  • Improved: Merge options allow you to combine products more easily.

Offer ends 31 March 2021.

Terms and conditions apply.