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Network security is the foundation for your security cover. Starting with a good network firewall with access policies to determine and enforce what services are allowed to be accessed by your users, with familiar criteria such as username and password to manage this. Make this even easier for your users with new technology advancements to grant network access, such as finger print and facial recognition (hardware and software dependent) and reduce time dealing with password resets! (Please also see Identity Management)

Secure remote network access is becoming increasingly important for many organisations, with an ever growing mobile workforce and employees requiring access to corporate resources as easily as if they were in the office.

Avoid those unwanted visitors with anti-virus and intrusion prevention software and services, to help detect and inhibit the action of malware and cyber criminals. (Please also see Data Protection)

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Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series

The ultimate network security in Azure.

Barracuda Networks was the first Microsoft Azure Certified Security Solution Provider, with a product line that includes the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, NextGen Firewall F-Series, Message Archiver, and Email Security Gateway.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series offers:

  • Secure connectivity between offices, VNets, datacentres, and clouds
  • Flexible VPN remote access from laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Segmenting and monitoring of multi-tier network architectures
  • Enhanced Azure ExpressRoute security
Sophos Web Gateway

Advanced web security for a mobile workforce.

The web is the #1 source of threats and you need protection from the latest phishing attacks, drive-by downloads and malvertising.

Sophos Web Gateway is designed for today's mobile users, scanning all traffic to combat today's threats. You get reliable, consistent, policy enforcement with advanced security to control web usage on PC, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Sophos Cloud was built from the ground up, making powerful policy settings easy and intuitive. You get all the tools you need to easily customise policies to meet compliance obligations, manage productivity, optimise bandwidth, control applications, protect data and keep your users and organisation safe online.

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McAfee (Intel Security) - Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB

Smart, simple and secure.

With the internet and connected devices now an integral part of your business, your employee's digital lives and your business are constantly at risk of a cyberattack.

McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB offers cost-effective security that's easy to use and delivers immediate, up-to-the-minute protection from dangerous threats, like viruses, worms, Trojans, targeted attacks, spyware, drive-by-downloads, and more.

Recognised by Gartner as a leader in endpoint security and mobile data protection, McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB combines award-winning McAfee threat protection technologies, along with web and messaging security and data protection - to secure your internal IT infrastructure. In addition, it provides rigorous mobile security and mobile device management that provides controlled access to your corporate network.

Radware Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Protect your network infrastructure from a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Radware's Cloud DDoS Protection Service is offered in multiple deployment options:

  • Hybrid Service which integrates with Radware's on-premise DDoS protection device for organisations that can deploy an on-premise device in its data centre.
  • Always-On Service which provides always-on protection where traffic is routed through Radware's cloud security PoPs (Points of Presence) with no on-premise device required for detection and mitigation. Ideal for applications hosted in the cloud or if you're unable to deploy an on-premise device.
  • On-Demand Service which protects against Internet pipe saturation and is activated when an attack threatens to saturate your organisation's internet pipe. This is the lowest cost solution if you're less sensitive to real-time detection of application-level and SSL-based DDoS attacks.

Why Grey Matter?

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Grey Matter is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Gold level Cloud competencies and have Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) status. We hold McAfee Gold Endpoint Security (part of Intel Security), Radware Partner and Sophos Gold Partner accreditations.

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