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Protect, manage and backup your business information with market-leading security solutions from Grey Matter.

In the UK alone, cyber-attacks cost businesses £34 billion each year. As the amount of data we collect from an increasing number of sources keeps growing, the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands grows exponentially as well.

With an abundant range of IT security products and services on the market, our team takes pride to demystify these to save you time and money and help you to match the right security solution with your budget and business requirements. We have designed our Security Solutions showcase in a modular structure, covering everything from essential network security through to backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Our Backup and Security Solutions Team are ready to help you determine the most appropriate security solution for your budget and business needs, maximising the cloud to provide a modern, connected and secure experience. Call us on +44 (0)1364 655123, email: or
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Why Grey Matter?

Security is everyone's responsibility, as even with the best security tools, often vulnerabilities arise from within your own organisation e.g. employees opening spam emails. Our recommended best practice is to educate everyone on cyber security and to be vigilant and responsible.

Don't compromise on business security. We offer finance packages and monthly payment plans to cover new IT security (subject to T & C's).

Grey Matter is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Gold level Cloud competencies and we are a Direct Cloud Solutions Provider.

Call us on +44 (0)1364 655123, email: or
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